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It's not Thanksgiving but...

So, the universe is an amazing thing. When you are open to what it has to give, you receive the most incredible opportunities and meet the most amazing people. That's what has kept me away from blogging since the end of classes. It's actually been scary how perfectly different pieces of my life has been fitting together recently. Things that made no sense have all of sudden coincided perfectly, people I never thought existed have suddenly manifested themselves in my life. Today's shout out goes to the Universe: Thank you for remembering me!
Anyway, I figured it was time I went back to good ol' me and posted a recipe. This creation was actually inspired by a talk on the All You Can Eat podcast hosted by Don Genova. Ever since I decided to catch up with the 21st Century and figure out what Podcasts actually are, I've been addicted! And as a result I now have over 500 food podcasts on my Ipod. All You Can Eat is really audio foodie heaven! One of Don Genova's old…

Low income pregnant women can't buy organic?!

(repost of my article for the Organic Consumers Association website)

Am I the only one who finds it frightening that low-income pregnant women can't buy organic produce with their WIC allowances? It's one thing to have to be on welfare, and quite another to have people make your food choices for you. I was fuming when I found this out:

The Truth Behind WIC: Organic is NOT an Option!
By Chantal Clement Organic Consumers Association Straight to the Source
In February 2009, Washington State decided to remove organic milk from its list of ‘approved foods’ reimbursable by the Women, Infant and Children Program (WIC). Though this decision led to serious backlash from organic consumers and supporters nationwide, what may be a little known fact to many is that slashing organic produce from WIC approved food lists for ‘reasons related to cost’ is currently being practiced in almost every single state. Forbidding organic products from WIC is frighteningly nothing out of the ordinary!
The WIC p…

How Raw Food Can Change Your Life

So I haven’t blogged in a while largely due to the fact that I’m the midst of final papers and my life seems to have spiraled into insanity. How does one year of grad school go by so fast? Another reason for my lack of blogging is that I’ve currently been tweaking my diet, largely because like when I listened to my body’s sudden call to veganism, it’s been asking me to change again. Though there's absolutely nothing wrong with my health, I feel as though I've been plateauing, and it's not a feeling I like. Plus, when my body talks, I always listen to what it has to say. Here’s the deal: Though I’ve been strictly vegan for a little under a year (and vegetarian on and off forever), I’ve been flirting with the idea of going raw for quite some time. But here are the questions and concerns that have always steered me away from making that change, and my preliminary answers: Q: Where will I get my protein? (aside from nuts and seeds, which are a little high in fat for my liking an…