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A Royal Tingle

So because everyone else is blogging about the royal wedding today, I thought I'd start out with the way cooler version:

The title of my post actually comes from the pudding like substance I'm eating right now. I think every single one of my hairs are standing on end right now because of it! Weehee. Oh, and it's royal because it's the colour of things British people eat... like mint jelly? Sure, to some of you this recipe might be as tasty (or... untasty?) as the culinary arts of the British Isles, but this weird taste sensation was too weird not to mention. I give you:
A Royal Kiwi Tingle 4 kiwis 12-ish basil leaves 1 heaping spoonful of soy yogurt (I'm sure any yogurt would do) Directions: Blend away!
Oh, and blogger tip of the day: If you have a curious kitty and you take food photos on your floor, he will: Get in the way of the photo, causing it to be blurry and obstructedTaste it...Remind you why he's the cutest thing ever!!!
Have a great weekend!

Would you like Green Eggs and Ham?

This was the last thing I thought I would post about today, but the lesson I learned this week is that there is always a way to veganize your life. On Monday, I decided to revamp my workout and food by starting Tracy Anderson's 30 Day Method. It's only been three days so far but as of right now I LOVE it. Despite what a lot of people say, it's a lot of fun, isn't that time-consuming, and after three days I'm feeling fantastic.
While I was totally game for the workout portion (except that I won't be in a gym for 30 days, which is beyond weird), I was a little nervous about the diet portion. But not to fear! I was sold on this program as soon as I saw that her food component actually has both an omnivore and a vegetarian (which is mostly vegan) option. Even better is that it's all whole foods, and is mostly raw, very vegan, and everything that isn't is very easily convertible. In fact, I've only had to make two substitutions over the past twelve meals.

Carbo-loading: Do not try this at Home

Happy Easter, everyone!
Oh the joys of Easter Sunday, when kids hunt chocolate eggs, women were fabulous spring hats, and the post-Lent crowd pigs out on all they've missed out on for 40 days. We decided to be the too-cool for "post-Church brunch" kids and had brunch BEFORE Church. After being woken up at 6:45am by a kitten on my head (I have never been more tolerant of being woken up that early in my life), we started off our day with the (never)homemakers' vegan French toast recipe. The only difference between that recipe and my tweaking was that I used a little bit more soymilk, didn't double dip, and used 6 slices of kamut bread instead of English muffins. I layered the slices with bananas, and topped it off with blueberries and some good ol' Canadian maple syrup. It was amazing.
After Church, we wanted to check out this weekend's Ottawa Eco-Expo, but got distracted on our way by the Trillium Bakery on Bank Street in Old Ottawa South. Thanks to them, we…

Link Love: Raw Vegan Yummies

Is it a total cop out that I haven't blogged in a week and now am just posting a bunch of pictures of other people's food? Okay... maybe. I think I may be taking this "being on a total mental vacation before I have to study for my comprehensive exams in August" thing a little too seriously. However, I do have a distraction for you... I just got the BEST Easter present ever:

I just got my first kitten! Meet Massachusetts. He's 8 weeks old and he has my heart.
Some of you might already know that we already technically have a kitty, Fox:
But I suppose he's "technically" Andrew's cat. (Yes, the human love of my life also came with the feline love of my life... lucky girl, I know! Is that what you call a twofer? Heh...) Anyway, I've wanted a kitten since the day I knew what a kitten was. Strangely enough, today was only the second (or third) time in my life that I've been exposed to kittens as young as Mass. For a girl, that seems unheard of, I…

Link Love: Baked Vegan Yummies

Every weekend, I really look forward to reading Angela's Recipe Link Love. Once a week, she delights all her readers with absolutely yummy looking pictures of others people's food. It's fantastic, and really gives me new ideas on how to be creative in the kitchen. Because it's Lent and since we've established I'm psychotic already, I decided I'd start by sharing the yummiest vegan baked goods I've found online. These have often been used as my go-to potluck recipes, you know the ones to impress your non-vegan friends with vegan dessert recipes.

(In my attempt to share the yummy-ness in its full unadultarated glory, I did use the photos they had up on their blog. Since they are directly linked, I figured it would be okay! For those involved, please let me know if it's not.)

(never)homemaker's Chocolate Pumpkin Swirl Cake with Vegan Frosting

In the fall, I used to make this cake for my dad all the time when I was in DC because he loooves chocolate, a…

Coconut Curry Tempeh w/ Pineapple

As you can probably tell by now, I'll admit it: I'm officially obsessed with Turtle Island Foods' Marinated Tempeh Strips. When I first went raw, tempeh was one of the very few non-raw foods I kept on the menu. Why? Mostly because I believe in the power of a healthy and moderate amount of fermented foods.
Another lunch, another clever combo of fruits, veggies and protein:
Coconut Curry Tempeh w/ Pineapple 1 1/2 C romaine lettuce 1/2 C pineapple, chopped slices of green peppers, chopped 1/4 tomato, chopped 3 strips of coconut curry tempeh pepper, sprinkled over top
Just toss the pineapple and lettuce so the lettuce gets kind of dressing-y, and put everything else on top. I'm sure this could be salted to taste, but I didn't really feel the need. Enjoy!
Oh, and if you're a running aficionado, definitely check out Jen's awesome giveaway! Have a great weekend!

Sesame Garlic Tempeh Salad w/ Pear Ginger Dressing

So I only realized now that it's really easy to want to eat veggies for lunch if you put them together in the most delicious way possible. Last post, I mentioned that I've been eating fruit for lunch for the past year or so and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. However, I've cleverly tricked myself by eating salads with fruit dressings. Monday's mango cilantro dressing was such a hit that I wanted to try a similar recipe.
This is what I came up with as I was salivating in the pool over the thought of lunch (sometimes, it's not the best idea to work out hungry):
Tempeh Salad w/ Pear Ginger Dressing 1 1/2 C romaine lettuce, chopped 3 slices of Turtle Island Foods' sesame garlic tempeh 1 pear 1/2 teaspoon of Bragg's Liquid Aminos small chunk of ginger (about 1/2''), chopped sesame seeds, for garnish
Puree the pear, Bragg's, and ginger in a blender, toss with romaine lettuce, and top with tempeh and sesame seeds. I think this one is even better tha…

Coconut Curry Tempeh Salad w/ Mango Cilantro Salsa

I almost always eat fruit for lunch (and breakfast too for that matter), and I find it really weird to go any other way. However, I'm trying to increase my veggies to fruit ratio, and lunch seems the perfect opportunity to switch that up. In response to my concerns, the heavens opened up and this amazing recipe was born. There is no need for words, it's super simple and delicious.
Tempeh Salad w/ Mango Cilantro Salsa 1 1/2 C of romaine lettuce 3 slices of Turtle Island Foods' coconut curry tempeh 1/2 mango large handful of cilantro pinch of salt
All I did was chop up the lettuce, throw the mango, cilantro, salt, and a splash of water in the Vitamix for a couple swirls to make a chunky salsa-ish dressing, toss that all together, and top it with 3 slices of that delicious tempeh. Best lunch ever. On another note, I kind of recipe swapped with Laury this weekend when her hubby's birthday came up and I suggested she make him Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World's Golden Vanilla …

Why You Should Eat Papayas

The wonderful thing about getting into a food routine is that it makes your life simple and yummy. You find a few foods that you love and you can eat them until you get sick of them and move onto something else. The problem? I've mentioned it before. When you're primarily a food blogger, what then do you have much to blog about? I've pretty much been doing the blueberry smoothie breakfast, apple sauce lunch, and big salad dinner thing for a week or so now, and it's been suiting me just fine. This morning though, I chose to go crazy and make a non-blueberry smoothie... wild, I know. Having been a year back in Canada, I forgot how slowly springs starts around here, and it's still so freaking cold. Today, I may have just culinarily snapped for more warm sandy beach, tropical island type foods. Though it was definitely miles away from being a locally-grown smoothie, it turned out pretty dang good! So here's the latest:
Wish-It Were Warm Here Smoothie 1 C papaya 1/2 ma…

Post-Workout Protein Smoothies

For starters, avid running followers might have noticed that I've taken out the Daily Mile widget from my blog because it was depressing me. I committed to increasing my mileage and running at least three times a week a couple weeks ago, only to find that I've developed some serious knee pain that has forced me to lay off the treadmill for who knows how long. It's often surprisingly been frustrating to the point of tears, but c'est la vie. I realize I'd rather take it easy on my knee that not be able to walk in my old age, so I guess I'll take it for now and I can get back to focusing on swimming! For now, my short lived running career is already on pause.
Anyway, I thought I'd follow up my last post about protein powders with a couple recipe example. While I have a couple recipes under my belt, I asked Andrew to jot down the second recipe he's been using a lot recently because it tastes fantastic. I know I already covered workout recovery foods here, bu…