Would you like Green Eggs and Ham?

This was the last thing I thought I would post about today, but the lesson I learned this week is that there is always a way to veganize your life. On Monday, I decided to revamp my workout and food by starting Tracy Anderson's 30 Day Method. It's only been three days so far but as of right now I LOVE it. Despite what a lot of people say, it's a lot of fun, isn't that time-consuming, and after three days I'm feeling fantastic.

While I was totally game for the workout portion (except that I won't be in a gym for 30 days, which is beyond weird), I was a little nervous about the diet portion. But not to fear! I was sold on this program as soon as I saw that her food component actually has both an omnivore and a vegetarian (which is mostly vegan) option. Even better is that it's all whole foods, and is mostly raw, very vegan, and everything that isn't is very easily convertible. In fact, I've only had to make two substitutions over the past twelve meals.

My biggest concern was that Tracy's method has the vegetarians eat eggs every couple days. I've always believed that when you start a plan you should start it 100%. The reason people don't get optimal (or any) results is that even before they begin something, they start negotiating, they start cutting some things out and adding others in, they skip a portion of the workout and figure they can do something else later. No, no, no. That's not following a plan, that's just doing more of "whatever." So the answer? Just do it.

That being said, I couldn't bring myself to eat those darned eggs. As much as I mulled over the decision, I just couldn't get myself to eat eggs again. I have to be honest, I did seriously consider it. I've been a little desperate (as you can probably tell) to recapture the health and energy I felt when I first started on the raw diet, and at this point I've been willing to consider anything. However, I had a long conversation with Andrew about what it would mean to bring eggs into our house. As of yet, we've never had any animal product in this house (except honey I guess), and I came to the conclusion that I couldn't bring that kind of energy (or lack thereof) in here. There's something about the high vibe of a raw vegan kitchen that I just don't want to mess with. I know this might sound a little drastic to some of you, and I can understand, but I just can't justify it in our space nor in my body.

So what's a girl to do when Meal 1 of Day 1 is an omelet? Why, find the nutritional equivalent of an egg of course. It was impossible to find helpful online because Google assumes that any combination of the words "vegan," "egg," and "replacement" must have something to do with baking or direct you to a lovely tofu scamble, which might look like eggs but have a very different nutritional profile. After some research I found that a comparable serving of spirulina has almost the same protein-to-carb ratio as the three egg whites I'm suppose to be eating. Sure there are marginally more carbs in the spirulina, but my green powder of yumminess also contains a host of vitamins and minerals that eggs just can't beat. My trick? For every egg I have to eat, I came up with the following recipe:

Green Eggs and... okay, it's Spirulina
4 teaspoons of spirulina powder
1 teaspoon of mesquite powder
1/2 teaspoon of maca powder
(1 teaspoon of carob, optional)
water, to mush into a paste/pudding

Just mix all those things together and you've got an almost egg. So it looks like a giant glob of ogre poo. Because I love spirulina, I thought it tasted fantastic, and I actually now look forward to the moment where I have to replace an egg with this fantastic snot ball of a recipe. Sure, if you're not a dark green algae fan you might think it's nasty. I warn you, this is not for the faint of heart, but if like me, you could live on a deserted island with spirulina, it'll definitely satisfy you every need, and keep you fueled and protein-afied for the day ahead!

Oh, and while I probably won't be using this for another 27-some days, Averie is having a fabulous coconut oil giveaway which is definitely worth checking out!

(screaming egg photo courtesy of here)


  1. That's awesome that you figured out what you needed with vegan alternatives. After reading bodybuilder Robert Cheeke's book I realized how much work he had to do to transfer a bodybuilder's diet to vegan. He might have some info f for you on this diet as well.

  2. This is really nice with the vegan diet that you have here. But it is kinda hard for me because  I usually go to the gym and try to pump those muscles up. This is still helpful for me if I really want to cut down those fats and I could really recommend this to my brother because he really needs to look out for his weight now. Being not healthy is really hard nowadays.

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  3.  Thanks for the comment! The upside is that you can definitely adapt a vegan diet for body building! My husband is a perfect example, so I know it's possible. He's been lifting weight for 20ish years now and since going vegan and raw has commented that his strength and capacity has actually increased from being this healthy. He hasn't gotten any smaller, but cut down a lot of his fat %. You should definitely look into it! Good luck :)

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