Carbo-loading: Do not try this at Home

Happy Easter, everyone!

Oh the joys of Easter Sunday, when kids hunt chocolate eggs, women were fabulous spring hats, and the post-Lent crowd pigs out on all they've missed out on for 40 days. We decided to be the too-cool for "post-Church brunch" kids and had brunch BEFORE Church. After being woken up at 6:45am by a kitten on my head (I have never been more tolerant of being woken up that early in my life), we started off our day with the (never)homemakers' vegan French toast recipe. The only difference between that recipe and my tweaking was that I used a little bit more soymilk, didn't double dip, and used 6 slices of kamut bread instead of English muffins. I layered the slices with bananas, and topped it off with blueberries and some good ol' Canadian maple syrup. It was amazing.

After Church, we wanted to check out this weekend's Ottawa Eco-Expo, but got distracted on our way by the Trillium Bakery on Bank Street in Old Ottawa South. Thanks to them, we proceeded to destroy two gluten-free lemon cookies about the size of my head, and one maple flax spelt cookie. Best lunch ever.

Just because I could, I had some fruit and half a pan-fried peanut butter and jam sandwich for dinner. Awesome. No really, grilling your PB&J is so much better than using toasted bread. Sure I was starting to feel totally full and sick by that point, mainly because I don't think I've had that many carbs since going raw a couple years back, so we proceeded to opt for a post-carbo-loading day digestif: an Easter bunny with popcorn. (The Easter Bunny was from my latest favourite Ottawa find: Truffle Treasures, a beautiful chocolaterie and gelato shop on Bank Street in the Glebe, which also happens to have the best vegan hot chocolates ever. Thanks Kristen for finally making me discover this place!)

There's a reason this day only comes once a year... It also makes me appreciate clean eating SO much more. Hope you're having a fantastic Easter Monday!


  1. looks like you two had a sweet-filled easter! :) hope your day was full of love, joy and blessings, my friend :) xo


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