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The Revolution starts here: Via Organica

As I've mentioned before, I'm one of the DC interns for the Organic Consumers Association. The best working perk of my life is that my awesome boss has taken me to the OCA's newest offshoot, Via Organica ("the Organic Way") in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for the week.
Our director, Ronnie Cummins, is truly the most inspiring figurehead of the organic revolution that I've met. He and an amazing team of activists here launched Via Organica about a year ago to bring organics to a new level in Mexico. Continuing the OCA's tradition for grassroots activism, VO has begun a number of projects to help San Miguel's compasenos reclaim their land and dedicate it to sustainable, organic farming. VO also has a fully operational farm on their land through which they partially supply the Via Organica store and cafe in downtown San Miguel. In addition, they hold workshops and classes to teach local compasenos about everything from affordable green building for their…