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♪ I'll make you banana pancakes...♪

♪ ... Pretend like it's the weekend now. And we could pretend it all the time... ♪ But who says we have to pretend? It IS the weekend AND we get banana pancakes. What's better than that? Well, actually they were raw banana crepes, but that's even better! It's all the yumminess and nutrients and none of the sugar/carb-induced post-eating coma.
The recipe? 3 large ripe bananas + 2 tbsp of ground flax + the juice of one lemon, mixed and spread over dehydrator sheets and left to dehydrate overnight. They made for a glorious weekend breakfast. Of course, what's a crepe without the toppings? They included peanut butter, cacao nibs, fig jam, chia seed, berries, melted dark chocolate, and a chestnut spread.
Breakfast of weekend champions for sure!
And as if you're weekend couldn't get any better, please check out Ayla's awesome CSN giveaway! She's celebrating the 100th post of her blog, High on Healthy.

Birthday, Raw Style!

Yay, finally a food post! Strangely, it had been a while. This one is definitely for a worthy cause though since it is in celebration of Andrew's birthday! However, instead of publicly blowing birthday kisses or posting embarrassing/cute birthday pictures over the internet, I'll cut straight to the chase and get to the food.
Birthday dinner was an impromptu spinach-hemp-basil zucchini rolls over a sundried tomato marinara. In short, I've been seeing lots of zucchini cannelloni recipes all over the raw food blog world for long enough that I really wanted to simulate my own nut-free version. While the insides had nothing to do with cannelloni, I still thought they looked awfully pretty: Those were followed by the pièce de résistance, a pomegranate and chocolate-frosted vanilla cheesecake! The crust was meant to be ginger snap-ish, the cheesecake was based off of Miss Meredith's awesome fermented nut cheese recipe and some added personal creativity (read, I have cuisine ADD…

"Ask me about my Hooping Bruises"

For all of you who actually got that joke, hah, sorry...

So I have a new addiction: Hooping. By that I'm referring to the cooler version of hula hooping. It's not the kind you used to do as a little kid, but the awesome adult version, using bigger and heavier hoops. I totally recommend this to everyone! Why am I picking up this random hobby though?
1) As an avid summer festival go-er, I love to acquire as many miscellaneous talents as I possibly can. My long-term romance with tribal fusion aside, I've attempted poi (a skill I have left up to Andrew, seeing as how most people argue it was started as a flexibility exercise for male Maori warriors), have some pretty mad skills with the chinese yo-yo, tried Acro Yoga quite a few times, love love love our Om Gym, and more. Now I'm seeing hooping as part of my array of renaissance woman talents. Once my skill increases, I'm seeing LED hoops, fire hoops, and so much more...
2) As an avid dancer, hooping is a great new outle…

Where have all the mangos gone?

So I'm assuming that organic mango season is over in countries that Canada trades with, because mangos have virtually disappeared from natural food store shelves. While I'm sure I could find regular pesticide mangos in some regular food store if I really wanted to, that's just not the way I roll... So I'll wait til they're organically available again. And hey, the world probably doesn't need my extra mango food miles anyway.
In the meantime, I've had to forgo one of my favourite summer breakfasts: the infamous mango-cilantro-lime smoothie. With the weather getting colder, my body is conveniently not really into having those kinds of flavours anymore anyway, but I still absolutely loved the sweet and cilantro combination and was dying to get it any way I could. The solution? The banana-cilantro-spinach smoothie. Who would have thunk? Now I get that yummy taste AND extra greens.
The recipe? 1 or 2 frozen naners, that iron-licious handful of cilantro, a few le…

The Most Accurate Self-Confidence Test: Baking

Does anyone else feel like like they've really put themselves on the line when you do something as simple as bake a batch of brownies for your friends? I don't know if it's just me, but I put a frighteningly large amount of emotions into my food prep. It's like the most OCD perfectionist hiding inside me comes out and I have to make sure that what I'm making is perfect. I know it's because I'm of the strong belief that the food you make is a representation of yourself, and that I guess I hold the same standard for the food I give to the way I live my life, but whatever I'm making, whether living or cooked, it has to have the perfect taste, texture, smell, and visual appeal.
Some people say that this feeling comes from the idea that sharing food you've made to others is one of the best ways for someone to know you in a deeper way than simply through what they can superficially see. The way you cook cannot tell lies. Through the way you present and pr…

A New Month Means: Time to Clean up my Act!

Though this is coming slightly belated: Happy Halloween/Day of the Dead/ Samhain to all! Hope you all had an amazing weekend, I certainly did!
It's funny how during certain times of the year, we are compelled to make changes in our lives. For some it's at the turn of the calendar year, on their birthday, or before bikini season starts, I have always tended to want to make resolutions in the Fall, and that time has come yet again.
I don't know if it's because I've now been a perennial student for the past 20 years (holy crap! I just realized that when I wrote it... scary...) or just because I love Fall, but there's something about the leaves turning and the way the air smells that strikes me as a call to action. More than that, it's the time when I've made resolutions that I've actually stuck to more than during any other time of the year.
So for the Celtic New Year, as market stalls are closing down for the winter here in Ottawa, and as I can feel the…