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Like a thief in the night... literally...

This is where my most loyal MacBook sat for months on end before someone made off with it this weekend...

It saw me through my MA degree, countless hours if blogging, was a faithful travel companion, photo logger, and bearer of my 20,000+ songs music collection... I miss you.

Blogging will be inherently more challenging being computer-less... I'm both crushed and pissed, but fully intending on finding out how realistic it is to blog from an IPhone until I can figure out my next move. Thanks for bearing with me!

Fall Meets Summer: Pumpkin FroYo

Once again, three cheers to the power of positive groupthink. I've been falling on more and more blogs over the past couple weeks talking about the advent of Fall, otherwise known as the return of pumpkin season. 'Lo and behold, I get an email from VegNews that has both the words "pumpkin" and "frozen yogurt" in the same sentence. Heck yeah! THEN, I accompany Andrew to his shift at our food co-op and I find organic soy yogurt there for the taking AND one remaining can of organic pumpkin puree. Well if that isn't a sign that the Universe wants me to make frozen pumpkin treats, I don't know what is.
I highly recommend this recipe! The first step in the original Veg News recipe is to strain the yogurt through cheesecloth overnight to get rid of excess water. My soygurt was so thick that it barely let off any water at all... so I didn't get much out of that step. Also, I'm not particularly a fan of agave (this is a good article about some of m…

What I Ate Wednesdays

So half way through my morning, I was hit with a "It's Wednesday already! #*%*#@!!!!" mostly because once again, I really wanted to participate in my first What I Ate Wednesday. Even though I'd already had two meals, I didn't let that put me down, and made the best of what I had... So finally, here I am! WiaW is more than just about posting the random things you eat during your day. Started by Peas & Crayons, the goal is for the blogging community to ultimately share in the one thing we obviously all have in common despite dietary choices, lifestyles, blog topics, etc: FOOD! It's fun, it's an easy to connect with each other, inspire others, embrace our food, and have yet another excuse to look at some food porn...
After my morning cardio, I was RAVENOUS, and tried my best to slowly sip (and chew!) my breakfast and while I managed, I didn't get a photo. Instead, this was breakfast, except imagine that blended with added spinach and spirulina (the …


I think a small part of me has crying been crying inside for a few days now. The weather is getting cooler and cooler and the advent of winter is upon us here in Ontario. Fall, I know, not winter. It's sad, I realized how much I love fall, but farther up North, I just can't appreciate it in the same way because I know it just means soon winter shall come, the snow will pile up and the cold will set in... brrr...
Despite the colder temperatures, our little (or rather ginormous) tomato plants are still growing strong and wild. We've had quite a couple harvests by now and WOW are they delicious. I think my favourite tomato has officially become the heirloom variety called Cherokee Purple. It takes like a deep rich sunbeam. It's amazing. Here was today's pick: In other news, my sis and I are in the serious planning phases of our awesome trip to Disney World for our sisters (aka. partners in crime) bachelorette party/Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon run! I'm actually g…

The Foods that say I love You

A little while back, I read the Gastronomy of Marriage and wondered what it is like for Andrew and all other significant other's of foodies to cope with us. Earlier today, we went to the handfasting ceremony of two of our friends. Apparently, I just bawl at all weddings (or even wedding receptions I've helped cater, heh), but this time, there were a bunch of us, so I didn't feel so alone.
I was reminded today (and sometimes it was difficult to listen to, I admit) of everything that needs to be done on a daily basis to make a happy marriage and a healthy relationship work. I was so filled with gratitude for everything we have, that I just wanted to say I love you. Of course, all things must relate back to food around here, so this post I'm writing about food and love. I'm dedicating this post to all the foods that remind me of our relationship and that make me swoon a little every time I smell or see them even to this day:
Dill: Dill is #1 on my list for sure... It r…

Raw ABCs

First off, here's your daily dose of beautiful:

Secondly, I was all excited about doing my first "What I Ate Wednesday" post since I love seeing other bloggers doing those. However, after taking pictures of breakfast, I kind of completely forgot about it for the rest of the day... bad blogger, bad.
So thirdly, yay filler post! Back in March, I succumbed to my first internet meme by filling out the ABCs survey that was going around blog world. I then remembered how much I used to love those little chain letter survey things when I was a tween. When I saw that Bitt had created her own raw version of that survey, I knew she had me wrapped around her little finger! I can also use these as an excuse to say that I'm being more superficially "personal" with all of you. Please feel free to fill it out if you're a closet survey filler too! A - Preferred Way of Eating Avocados: I used to love them most in smoothies and things, but now probably as the "creamy…

But, how do you get you [enter vitamin/mineral here]?

This is a post for skeptics, because I was once one of them as well. I'm also going to go all scientifical on you, which doesn't happen very often, haha. As much I believe in the power of the raw diet, its capacity to provide me with everything I need to achieve and maintain optimal health, it still sometimes seems unlikely to me that I can get my daily dose of ALL my vitamins and minerals by just eating fruits and veggies. I was feeling this particularly strongly when I was on my banana island, pretty much just eating bananas and greens. Call me the Saint Thomas of the raw food diet but I need to be "shown" that this works... I finally took the suggestion of lots of seasoned LFRVers and downloaded Cron-o-meter. Cron-o-meter is the best nutrition tracker I have used to date. More so than just giving you the usual boring caloric breakdown, you can program it to your own specific dietary needs. In short, you can set how many calories you want to eat, how much of those…

2 Week Raw Challenge

One PhD comps exam down, one to go! That's kind of what took up the latter half of my week, but it's such a relief! Yay me.
So, a week or so ago, I was invited via Facebook to Danny David's (aka. rawfitnessguy) "Awesome Raw and Crazy Sexy Ripped Body" Challenge. I'm always a supporter of any fitness challenge, so a raw fitness challenge? Sign me up!
Conveniently, this challenge is just in time for another time of the year when I try to reboot my workout routine. I'm currently almost kind of as high raw as it can get, but curse you, yummy vegan restaurant job for feeding me your deliciousness once a week. I have to say that has been having it's ill effects... once again, I'm not whining (okay, maybe just a little, though I know it's totally self-inflicted), the difficulty with digesting non-raw foods is something you quickly come to understand/experience once you eat high raw too! So I decided to stick to a few things: Grains in whatever form, sp…

Just like a Fairy Tale: Pie of Day & Pie of Night

One of my favourite fairy tales as a kid was Peau D'Ane. Sure it was kind of a weird tale, but it's evening so let's sit down for a quick story time:
A king grieving his dead wife decides that he can only marry the most beautiful girl the kingdom, which he concludes is his own daughter. Trying to stall the wedding, the Princess demands all sorts of crazy gifts to try to dissuade her father, like a dress the colour of the moon, then a dress more brilliant than the sun. When he give those to her, and in a final act of desperation, she asks him for the skin of his magic donkey (who comes up with this stuff, seriously?) which poos gold, which she thought he would never do becomes that's how he gets his wealth. However, he does kill the donkey, but the Princess uses the skin as a cloak and flees the kingdom and potential incest by posing as a pig keeper's help.

While she's working as a pig keeper, a neighbouring kingdom's Prince espies her, sees her beauty despit…

My 7 Links

Thank you, Laury for tagging me to write up my own 7 Links. As I've commented on a few other blogs, the whole 7 links thing has definitely been the best blog survey to date. I've learned so much about the girls whose blogs I read in one simple post. I feel that 7 simple entries really allows readers to get to know who you are. And now it's my turn, so here goes:
1. Most Beautiful Post
"Hope" was just a really cute little story about ducks crossing the street that I wanted to share with all of you about something I witnessed while going on with my day to day life. Yet I love it because it was one of those moments that gave me such love for our species (and knowing that I'm kind of an environmental hippie grump, that doesn't happen too often).
Though it was "just" a post about a dance workshop I attended, I really feel like I bared a very raw and honest part of myself in my "Why I'm Thankful" entry. It was a very defining memory to me …

Making Florida Proud: Just Like Key Lime Pie Smoothie

Over a year ago, I off-handedly mentioned that I made a raw key lime pie that never ended up getting featured on the blog. Why it didn't is beyond me because I remember loving every bite of it. That and I made it fairly frequently at the time. I can't quite remember what went into it aside from avocado, agave, and lime... for all I know that was actually it.
So why the comeback? In short, that pie came back to me because I made lots of "key lime pie" smoothies at work over the weekend, and I really wanted to give it another go. While I know that limes are really good for you (they're very alkalinizing), they've never held a prominent place in my kitchen. Yet, every time I use them, I can't remember why they don't. I continue to falsely believe that whatever you can do with limes, you can just do with lemons instead. I know that I'm wrong. They're not the same thing at all. They have a totally different tastes, limes are definitely sweeter, an…


Things that were awesome about today:

1. Seeing this on my way home from the post office

2. Receiving goodies from Nativas Naturals for having won this contest

3. Really getting off on buying organic bananas by the case