2 Week Raw Challenge

One PhD comps exam down, one to go! That's kind of what took up the latter half of my week, but it's such a relief! Yay me.

So, a week or so ago, I was invited via Facebook to Danny David's (aka. rawfitnessguy) "Awesome Raw and Crazy Sexy Ripped Body" Challenge. I'm always a supporter of any fitness challenge, so a raw fitness challenge? Sign me up!

Conveniently, this challenge is just in time for another time of the year when I try to reboot my workout routine. I'm currently almost kind of as high raw as it can get, but curse you, yummy vegan restaurant job for feeding me your deliciousness once a week. I have to say that has been having it's ill effects... once again, I'm not whining (okay, maybe just a little, though I know it's totally self-inflicted), the difficulty with digesting non-raw foods is something you quickly come to understand/experience once you eat high raw too! So I decided to stick to a few things:
  • Grains in whatever form, sprouted or not = not my friend, why do I keep forgetting this?
  • Dried fruits are my gateway drug
  • Minor amounts of nuts & seeds every once in a while are probably good for my healthy fat intake, but my desire for them is really minimal...
  • To me, lightly steamed veggies are better than mis-combined raw "gourmet" meals (for example: one of those nut and sweetener pies, covered in nut and in sweetener icing, decorated with nuts... with coconut butter thrown in for good measure...)
  • 100% Fresh & Raw Days = happy and energetic days
Workout-wise? I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing now but now that the pool is open at our gym again:
  • Go back to swimming my 1.5-2K about 2 or 3 times a week
  • Keep at the HIIT because it makes me really happy
  • Add at least 20 minutes of pilates (I just discovered Cassey's awesome blog recently to help me with that) or yoga every day (this is probably my least respected new year's resolution)
This challenge is lasting from today until the end of August. I'm so pumped! What would you do if you were up for the challenge?


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