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Haste Makes Waste, and Waste makes... Raw Snacks!

As I've said countless times by now, my initial fear of the juicer was that I would be wasting all this lovely fruit and veggie fiber to make myself a little glass of juice. As you know, juicing separates the 'liquid'/nutrient substrate of a fruit or veggie from its pulp/fiber content. While drinking juice makes nutrients much more absorbable by your body, I can't help but sigh at all that lovely fiber-y goodness that stays in the juicer. I do love increasing my nutrient intake, but at what cost?
The suggestion I always got was compost the pulp, it makes great compost whether you do it directly in your yard or have a home vermicomposter. Though that might be a great solution for a lot of other people, on a raw diet, Andrew and I already produce LOTS of compost for our garden wormies. So, I wanted another option. Once again, raw food was the answer. Since I started making juice on a raw diet, I've had a purpose for all that pulp: crackers, and now yummy carrot cake s…

Man Wednesdays: The next step forward...backward

I am a creature of habit. Anyone who knows me would probably say that that is one of my true "man-isms". I can eat the same thing, at the same time and do the same things for months and be perfectly content. If Chantal asks me what flavor ice cream I want her to make next, I'm most likely to want the exact same one that I just finished. If she "borrows" my keys out of my right front pocket, then I want them put back in my right. front. pocket.
This can be an inconvenience when you move a lot. Had a favorite brand of chocolate? Maybe the stores here don't sell it. Finally made friends with every staff member at your gym? Well now you're a stranger.
So, whereas I approach most moves with a degree of reluctance, our next move holds an exciting change for me, something I've never done before: We're moving back to a city that I spent over fifteen years of my life in, but that I haven't lived in for almost a decade. We're even moving into the …

Shows how good I am with birthdays...

We are interrupting Man Wednesdays, for this special announcement: I can't believed I missed my blog's one year birthday five days ago! Mostly, I can't believe that on April 23rd, my humble little blog turned 1.
To celebrate my blog birthday, here's an absurdly non-raw cake I made for a friend's little girl in 2007. Yes, those are all cookies, and yes, I did use an organic hazelnut chocolate spread (aka. an organic version of Nutella) as mortar for my castle. P.S. It was filled with M&Ms.
Happy Birthday, EatDanceLive!
But like anyone on their birthday, this makes me think about what I have achieved or how far I've come since I began writing this blog. What was my intention when I started writing this blog? How much have I 'Eaten, Danced, and Lived' since April 23, 2009?
Eat: I think anyone who reads this blog knows that I have done my share of amazing eating since last year, but I never would have imagined that within a few weeks of my starting a blog, …

Raw Chocolate-Chip Pecan Cookies

There's something beautiful about the union between nuts and chocolate. Here's my contribution to the wonders of that happy marriage:

Chocolate-Chip Pecan Cookies 1 1/2 C ground cashews 1 C mix of ground oats & spelt* 1/2 tsp salt (or to taste) 1/2 C maple syrup 1 tsp vanilla 1 heaping tbsp of melted cacao butter cinnamon to taste (I use a lot) 1/2 C chopped pecans 1/2 C chocolate chips
*the easy and less raw way: grind oat and spelt flakes into flour with your food processor the more time-consuming but raw-er way: soak oat groats and spelt berries for 12-24 hours, dehydrate them, then grind them into flour
1. Mix ground oats and spelt, ground cashews, salt, and cinnamon til evened out 2. Pour in maple syrup, vanilla, and cacao butter, blend well 3. Mix in chopped pecans and chocolate chips 4. Form cookies with your hands (it will be sticky) or dollop one heaping tablespoon of cookie dough onto Teflex sheet and place in dehydrator at 115 for 3-4 hours


So I had intended on blogging about one hundred different foodie things today (and I may still yet), whether it was the raw key lime pie I made on Saturday or the awesome Middle-Eastern food themed meal I made for dinner last night. Instead, my faith in humanity was totally renewed this morning, and I feel like I just had to share it with you:
Walking towards my bus stop today on one of the biggest and busiest streets in downtown DC, I fell across a scene that renewed my faith in humanity, that there is good in the world, that people can still connect to one another, that we still have an inherent love for nature and a desire to protect it, and that humans can be pretty awesome sometimes. To start off, Pennsylvania Avenue is a pretty scary street to cross even when you're a human!

So imagine being a mother duck with almost a dozen little duckling trying to cross it. Not fun. What I saw from a block away was a mother duck and her babies in the middle of tall buildings and never-endin…

Sunday Workout Recap

Monday P90X Plyometrics Cardio (I was somewhat disappointed...) 150 crunches
Tuesday 20 minutes HIIT cardio on the elliptical 3x12 ab rotation machine 3x12 of 2 ab exercises
Wednesday Gina's Summer Shape Week 1 Day 2 workout
Thursday 20 minutes HIIT cardio on elliptical 10 minutes incline level 10, resistance 4.0 on elliptical
Friday 20 minutes of Yoga (Yoga Download's Morning Flow) 30 minutes of swimming laps
Saturday 20 minutes of Gentle Hatha Yoga (from Yoga Download)

Chakra Juice Feast #1: Feeding my Root Chakra

In the spirit of my most recent physical/emotional/spiritual journey, I've decided to incorporate a weekly Chakra Juice Feast into my weekly rituals. The reasons behind this are as superficial as giving me fun motivation to have one day of juicing every week, and as complex as making sure my energy system is all properly aligned!
To do this, I'll be juicing foods that are best suited to each chakra. Today, I'm starting with the base of it all, the Root Chakra or Muladhara in Sanskrit.

Located at the base of the spine, the Root Chakra serves as the solid foundation of our whole energy system. It links us to the physical world, it keeps us grounded. When it is balanced, it allows us to bring solidarity and support to those around us. It allows us to feel grounded, secure, empowered, centered, and have high self-esteem. In doing so, it gives us physical energy, controls our fears, and maintains our overall health. This chakra stores all our learned or inherited beliefs, our su…

"I'm just a little black rain cloud, hovering over the honey tree..."

That was a Pooh quote of course :)
Today's topic is honey. Raw honey, wild honey, local honey... you name it, I love it! I'm a honey fanatic! Honey is antibacterial, antiseptic, antibiotic, and antifungal. It never goes bad, and does a world of good both when ingested and topically! Move over Purell, why use you when honey is your more eco-friendly and yummy alternative?
Honey is by far the best sweetener for you, especially if it's raw. The enzymes in raw honey have strong antioxidant properties. They help promote your digestive system, and boost your general health and energy. Just one teaspoon a day and you don't ever have to get sick! It's cleansing, it's a tonic, it's a miracle cure! Great thing is, it's not hard to get some every day. Put in your tea, your raw crackers, cookies, cakes, the possibilities are endless!
When used topically, it can cure skin rashes, burns, and scars. It works as a great moisturizing mask, and because it's antibacteria…

Earth Day Power Breakfast

What?! A non-smoothie breakfast?! Yes, I do recognize the importance of a good hearty breakfast every once in a while... okay, you caught my bluff. I have smoothies every day. I actually make these for Andrew on the days I have my weird spirulina banana whips (those are kind of smoothie like). Also to clarify, some of you have wondered if Andrew ever cooks (or uncooks), and why I'm always the one making all the food. First off, yes he can. He makes the meanest jambalaya you've ever had, is the pancake master of his (and now my) family, is (or was) a vegan cheesecake master, wooed me with the most amazing breakfast in bed in the early days of our relationship, and that's only the beginning.
To tell you the truth, I'm kind of a kitchen hog. If I had been born in the 1950s, I think I could have been very content as a happy housewife. There's something I find absolutely fulfilling about feeding my man, and keeping him happy through food. I love winning people over by p…

Man Wednesdays: "Shedding your old snake skin"

It's Mansday again! Tune in today, for your weekly words of wisdom by my one and only:

"My life is blessed in so many ways.
This last weekend was my first time teaching a Reiki course. My mentor and friend David Gleekal allowed me to assist him in teaching his Level I Reiki course to a group of six wondrous individuals. Of course, professional ethics forestalls me giving any specific details, but let me just say that each of them went on an incredible journey; no one leaves one of David's classes as the same person who entered. I felt deeply honored to have been able to witness, facilitate and take part in those journeys.
Both teaching and Reiki share a common aspect (other than "things Andrew intends to spend the rest of his life doing"). Reiki healing calls upon the practitioner to remove their ego from the equation. You're not making anyone well. Reiki energy flows to where it is most needed and it does the healing, you're just the conduit through which …

Green Tea Ice Cream

Have I already touted the benefits of green tea? and more specifically matcha green tea? While I've always been a fan of green tea in general, I was first introduced to matcha the way most Asian people are... through green tea ice cream! Of course now, you can find it all over the place, but I remember when it was just something you could find in our local asian grocery store.
Matcha is a higher quality green tea. It's covered before it's picked, making its leaves turn a deeper green than other tea leaves. It also tastes much stronger than other types of tea, so you'll always recognize it once you've had it once. Because of its strong taste, you only need to use a little bit (usually about one teaspoon or so) to get the full range of its taste, colour, and health benefits.
According to Dr. Weil, it has the nutritional value and antioxidant content of 10 glasses of 'regular' green tea, and has a much higher antioxidant count that both blueberries and spinach.…

Raw Banana-Raisin Tempeh Curry

Tempeh is one of those foods that's still okay on my list. I make it for Andrew every week, and of course, if I make something, I'm bound to taste if it's okay. Unlike other foods that I don't even allow to pass my lips anymore, tempeh still has benefits I don't mind getting a couple tablespoons of every once in a while.
Tempeh has been a staple in Indonesia for over 2000 years. I've tasted all sorts of tempeh, both yummy and totally nasty (Australia, I don't know what's up with you, but you've got to do something about your tempeh). Of course, being made up of soybeans, it's a great meat substitute in terms of protein, and also has a heavier meaty texture that's great for mock dishes. It's made by cooking hulled soybeans, adding in a culturing agent, and incubating them to let them ferment over night until they form a cake.
Tempeh is one of the few soy-based foods that actually uses the whole soybean. Fermentation also makes it extra heal…

Sunday Workout Recap

Monday 30 minutes of Body for Life style HIIT cardio on elliptical 10 minutes of hills on treadmill 5 minute stretch
Tuesday 3x15 db press on stability ball 3x12 seated db press 3x15 db flyes on stability ball 3x15 lateral raises 3x15 bicep curls 3x15 bent over rows 3x15 tricep kickbacks 3x15 lat pulldowns Ab cycle on stability ball (4 exercises 4x12 + 20 stability ball roll outs) 5 minute 'sprint' on stationary bike 5 minute stretch
Wednesday 30 minute endurance running on treadmill 10 minute hills on treadmill 5 minute stretch
Thursday 10 minute cardio sprints on elliptical Ab routine on floor mat (4 exercises 4x12) 3z12 Barbell Squats 3x15 lying side leg raises 1.5 minute plank 3x12 lying side inner leg raises 3x12 calf raises on step 1 minte jump rope 5 minute stretch
Friday 1 hour of kayaking! 2.5 mile walk
Saturday 20 minutes of HIIT on treadmill 10 minutes of hills on treadmill

Little Bundles of Sunshine

... why, they're sunflower seeds of course! And don't just put them in your bird feeders, they're great for you too! Sunflower seeds a packed with proteins, fiber, healthy fats, minerals, loads of vitamin E and magnesium! Vitamin E is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, and thus protects you from asthma, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular issues, cancers. It also helps maintain the proper functioning of your noggin', especially with memory and cognitive functions. Magnesium helps maintain bone health and energy, and its needed to process calcium.
I've been loving sunflowers recently, especially when soaked. I find them the most easily digestible seed/nut (pumpkin seeds are a close second). I've been eating them in Meredith's sunflower rye crackers, in mock tuna, and most recently in Matt Amsden's Veggie Cakes, from Rawvolution. They're excellent! Who knew beets, sunflower, and just a few more ingredients would make such a wonderful patty! This is the f…

Show me yours, and I'll show you mine!

Sorry for the lack of post last night. I got caught up preparing for my thesis presentation this weekend. I get to make a powerpoint with fun anti-GMO protest pictures like this:

Gotta love Greenpeace.
Also, 'Man Wednesday' was put on hold, because said 'Man' was out :) But let's keep the ball rolling!
I was inspired by Gina's post last night, asking her readers to show her their smoothies! Considering I eat them every morning (or at least, every other morning), I figured I'd be the perfect candidate for the challenge. So here are my smoothies! Over the past couple years, my breakfast has pretty much consisted in one of these two smoothies (the recipes are for two people):
'Tropical' Smoothie
3 C papaya/pineapple/mango (or any combination) 1 teaspoon of maca powder 1 heaping teaspoon of mesquite 1/3 to 1/2 C water (I like my smoothies thick)
(The man version you also see featured has an extra scoop of hemp protein and one scoop of brown rice protein, somet…

"Electrolytes, they're what our bodies crave!"

If anyone didn't get that quote, it's from the movie, Idiocracy, which was simultaneously one of the scariest and funniest movies ever (mainly because it touched on social truths we don't want to acknowledge).

Why am I mentioning electrolytes? Because they ARE what our body craves. They're a key component of our health, and we athletes/dancers/ people-who-move really need to make sure we replenish them! Proper electrolyte balance affects healthy hydration of the body, blood pH levels, and is essential to nerve and muscle function. The most common cause of an electrolyte imbalance is through dehydration, whether through exercise or because you don't drink enough water. Other causes of electrolyte imbalance include diarrhea, vomiting, intoxication, extreme hunger, and even female ejaculation.
I never did thank Shannon-Marie for her recent Zico coconut water giveaway, which I won! Within a couple days of the giveaway, I received three flavors: mango, passion fruit, and …