Friday Confessional: I'm a tweaker

So if you haven't guessed already, I actually have a very hard time following recipes (and perhaps rules in general). Every time I read a recipe I'm suppose to follow, I always think things like "well that's probably not enough cinnamon" or "1 whole cup of coconut butter, really?" and I always want to mess with the perfect proportions laid out by the wonderful person who took the time to put a cookbook together for me. Working through Meredith's ebook has given me an ethic I have rarely stuck to. Because I wanted to make my reviews of her recipes the most authentic and 'true to the source' as possible, I told myself I would NOT allow myself to mess with her recipes until after I had made them all at least once.

While one of her new recipes is currently sleeping in a warm, dry place overnight, I made another attempt at her Chocolate Mousse Pie last night. However, because I had already made it once, I allowed myself to tweak it. I couldn't help it. It's like an addiction. All I did though was add the zest of an entire orange to the filling (I would have used a dash of orange extract but didn't have anymore) to turn it into a wonderfully orange-y chocolate pie! It turned out as wonderful as the first (or so Andrew has told me, since I haven't actually tried it yet myself).

This does make me come back to my very first post though: Recipes are like the Pirate Code, they're just guidelines. Words to live by!


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