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Mental Juicing Madness (and a recipe!)

Over the past few weeks, wednesday has become juicing day. Surprisingly, I'm still not a huge fan of juicing... it does something weird to my digestion. However, if I had to pick the most positive thing I always get out of juicing, it's always the fun mental trip it takes me on. I can't speak to what will happen this Wednesday yet, but last week, I think I might have experienced minor juicing dementia.

As I was walking to the gym after time at the dance studio, I started to physically crash. I had no energy. Half of me was ready to call it quits, go to bed, or just fall asleep on the sidewalk until Thursday. I was so lethargic, I just wanted to go home. The other half of me was a crazy hungry monkey who just needed to have a salad. Now, I cannot express how crazy this monkey was. I think it could have been willing to hurt a small child for this salad. The whole way to the gym, it kept repeating, "I want a salad. Just have a salad. It's just a salad. What's wr…

Green Cleaning: IGOZEN All-Purpose Cleaner

A few weeks ago, the lovely people from iGOZEN asked me if I wanted to try out a couple samples of some of their new products. After doing my homework, I thought their cleaning products seemed like a neat idea and definitely something I could support. That and I like supporting small green startups! Since it's Earth Day in a few days, I thought why not let you guys in on some ways you can make your home a little cleaner... why increase the toxicity in your home, in the very air you breathe, when you can use non-toxic and earth-friendly products like those made by iGOZEN!

Within just a week or so of being contacted by them, I received a sample envelope of their three latest products: their Everyday Cleaner, their Fruit/Vegetable wash, and their Meat/Fish wash, along with a spray bottle and a micro-fibre cloth. Obviously, the Everyday Cleaner will be of most use to me since I don't eat meat or fish, and since I buy organic fruits and veggies, I don't see a huge need to rins…

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Overnight Oats

There have been a lot of delicious looking cookie dough-flavoured Overnight Oats over the last little while (like this one or this one) that were just too tempting to not try. I don't eat oats myself, but you know you're a foodie when you still want to try a recipe for something you don't necessarily partake in. Conveniently, Andrew loves them!

Looking through some existing recipes, I was wondering how it was possible that so few ingredients would turn into something cookie dough tasting, but they were pretty on the ball! I used them as an inspiration and here's what I came up with. Who says you can't have cookies for breakfast?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Overnight Oats Yields: 1 man-sized portion

For oats: 3/4 C rolled oats 2 tablespoons of chia pinch of salt 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract (optional) 1/2 tablespoon of raw honey/maple syrup (or other liquid sweetener) 1 C non-dairy milk (almond, soy, it's your pick!) + 1/4 C in t…

Epic Raw Middle Eastern Plate

Given that I've posted about falafels more than once on this blog, whether they're raw or they're cooked, you might be able to safely say that I kinda sorta like them a lot... That, and I recently admitted to my secret falafel digestion pocket located somewhere in the deep confines of my stomach.
Because I've been juicing and doing green smoothies so much over the past week, my dinner-for-my-other-half creativity has been somewhat limited and perhaps less than enthusiastic, even though I love being in the kitchen (and aside from the killer vegan shepherd's pie I invented for him earlier last week, if I do say so myself). A couple days ago, I decided to go big or go home, and create for him: the epic raw Middle Eastern plate.
It started off with the classic centrepiece: Matt Amsden's Raw Falafels wrapped in romaine lettuce, and surrounded it with my raw hemp seed tabbouleh, a garden salad, and some black olives and sprouts. Speaking of which, this has just give…

My Love Hate Relationship with Yoga

Today I wanted to talk about those things in life that we know we should do but for some reason never actually end up following through with. Whether we use the "I'll start tomorrow" excuse or something similar, we always come up with all sorts of justifications as to why we shouldn't start now (none of them ever that valid). For example, how many times have I said that I should get back into yoga? Probably more than I've actually started up the practice again. Still, it's on been on my mind a lot lately. The yoga world has become such a huge thing these days (both for better and worse I'd say), but still there is such an appeal. For starters, when we think yoga, we always get inundated with these kinds of images:

Well, you often get these pictures too, but you get my point:
Pictures like those first ones show that there's suppose to be a magic to yoga, a je ne said quoi about it that will do everything from make you a better person to give you Mr. F…

Juice Pulp Makeover: Raw Carrot Cake Crunchies

I figured "Juice pulp makeover" was a much nicer title than "Re-using your juice pulp" or "What to do with the chunky stuff left in your juicer." Call it my precursor to Earth Day recipe. But wait... Me? Juicing? For those of you know me or have been following me for a while, I'm not the biggest fan of juicing. There's something about separating the sugars from the fibres from your fruit that I'm not totally convinced with (in terms of what it means to eat the most naturally possible), but I've heard enough good things that I can be swayed when it's cleansing season.

Being me, I can never just throw away all the stuff that comes out the other end of the juicer. While I'd have no problem chucking a pack of Oreos if a friend forgot them at our place (I just realized I don't think I have any friends that eat Oreos... hmm), I can't justify throwing out something that is still food to me. And of course, by throwing out, I mean …

What I love Wednesdays

I do really enjoy the what I love Wednesday trend. It's simple, let's you know more about what your favourite bloggers, what we do to procrastinate, and often gives you seem pretty cool things to check out yourself!

1. For all you French speakers (or understanders), this video:
Bref. On ├ętait des gamins. - Episode du 02/04
2. For anyone who wants an instant pick me up, thislove rampage:

3. For some awesome dance moves, this choreography:

4. For my never-ending addictionthese kelp noodles:

5. For a wayyy better acted, scripted, filmed version of the Tourist, (well, that and it's actually the original), this movie

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Happy Easter to all those to whom it's relevant! I hope you all had a wonderful day of warmth, sunshine, family, Easter egg hunting, stuffing your face with chocolate post-Lent, or whatever you usually do today.     To celebrate the spring, a girl kitchen date was in order and baking ensued, the perfect cake was made for the lightness and elegance of springtime :)  Vegan and Gluten-Free Orange Cardamom Cake w/ Orange Pistachio Icing
...and yes, there was a middle layer of frosting and blood orange jam.  Coconut Chocolate Pie w/ Spelt Crust
And on a final baking note: These are actually the best macaroons ever. I made a batch last night, and they are half gone... amazingly simple, and yet so delicious.

Wednesday Randomness

This is not a filler post, I swear! Things have been crazy around here (I totally hear you Nikki). I'm finishing classes over the next couple weeks for the rest of my life... no really, I've been in school non-stop since I was in preschool at four. It's kind of a big deal. That and theater rehearsals and dance are taking up most of my nights now, which is awesome, but time consuming. Aaand, word on the street is that I might actually start teaching dance sometime... shh, it's on the down low.

So, here's just a few random things I've been collecting over the last little while, that probably has more value than anything I could share with you today! Enjoy.

1. For rough mornings

Don't know why it might be emotions or the full moon, but I got about half the sleep I needed last night. Want a guaranteed smile? Seriously,read this. It worked on me (or maybe I'm just easily amused).

2. For building good habits

I've been meaning to say this for ages, but a wh…