My Love Hate Relationship with Yoga

Today I wanted to talk about those things in life that we know we should do but for some reason never actually end up following through with. Whether we use the "I'll start tomorrow" excuse or something similar, we always come up with all sorts of justifications as to why we shouldn't start now (none of them ever that valid). For example, how many times have I said that I should get back into yoga? Probably more than I've actually started up the practice again. Still, it's on been on my mind a lot lately. The yoga world has become such a huge thing these days (both for better and worse I'd say), but still there is such an appeal. For starters, when we think yoga, we always get inundated with these kinds of images:


Well, you often get these pictures too, but you get my point:

Pictures like those first ones show that there's suppose to be a magic to yoga, a je ne said quoi about it that will do everything from make you a better person to give you Mr. Fantastic-type flexibility. (Oh no, Significant Other-based comic book references have officially entered my vocabulary... he'd be so proud.) When yoga is done properly, with the right mindset and intention, I actually don't deny any of those things, that's probably the biggest reason why I want to get back into it so much.

When I started my day by doing only 20 minute yoga routines every morning thanks to Yoga Download, I felt so much better. It cleared my mind, deepened my breath, helped with my strength and flexibility, created length... it was fantastic. Just 20 minutes, so why can't I get back into it? I can take about an hour to get to the gym every day but not 20 minutes to do yoga. I'm sure it would be easy to take just a fraction of the time I spent every day bumming around on Facebook or Pinterest or something to dedicate back to my yoga. And yet...

So many people have lots of different tricks to get back into things, whether its challenges, resolutions, etc. Sometimes, you just have to do it. Yesterday, I've rolled out my mat first thing in the morning and got it done. I want to start small. I just want to commit to doing this for a week. If it sticks, that's great, but I want to do at least that. I know all good habits start that way. It's like working out; you do it once, remember how good you feel and then it fuels of cycle of good feeling where you just can't stop. I'm just hoping I'll rebuild the habit with yoga. Starting now. 

I have to admit the first day on the mat was hard. It doesn't matter how much I stretch, how much I run, how much I lift, how much I dance. Yoga just works differently with your body. I thought I'd take it easy by starting by a simple Hatha routine, and ha, was I wrong about the "easy" part. I guess not following through with my practice has made me weak and tight in all the wrong places, but I'm fine with that. I'm accepting where I have to start, because of my own choices, and looking forward to getting back to where I was before and better!

Do you have have that thing you keep wanting to do but just can't seem to? If so, why not just give it a shot once, and then see if it sticks. And hey, it's the weekend! That's a great time to try something new!


  1. Ha Ha! Chantal, I looked you up because I am joining the local "Hippie Café's" Raw Food Challenge (Mairen works there, and it's really called "The Cameron Street Coop") - I have kept delaying the Raw and Vegan challenge, but I sure keep up my Yoga. (We can encourage each other - and see if it sticks!)

  2. Ha, that's great! Tell you what, I've already stuck with my yoga practice two days in a row now, so if we're encouraging each other, you already owe me two days of going for the Raw Challenge :) What does it consist in? Definitely try it out, even if it's just for the experience! I really hope you enjoy it!

  3. It starts on May 1, we can be as Raw as possible, some are going raw vegan, all trying to be organic...of course no crap sugar only honey (is maple syrup considered OK? it is boiled).
    I am just warming up now with 2 out of 3 raw meals a day, and all raw snacks. Of course going to the work weekend at RK I will just eat what they serve but on to the track when we get back (although all my snacks will be raw and oh yeah, no sugar even if it is served).
    I love my teas, so will make Sun Teas.
    I think I saw Rawtella on your blog but can't find it - I have the ingredients and want to serve it on apple slices YUM!
    Any suggestions you have I would (literally) eat up.
    How is the yoga going?

  4. Here's the Raw Nutella recipe I've used:
    What a great commitment you've made :) hope you enjoy the process.
    We do also still make tea because of the obvious benefits of herbs and such!Honey and maple syrup are definitely our sweeteners of choice when I use them (even though the latter is technically not "raw"). Andrew is a big fan of maple syrup (he uses the excuse that dark maple syrup is apparently good for the prostate).
    The yoga is going great actually! It's been surprisingly difficult which probably just shows how much I need it, but there's nothing better first thing in the morning!
    See you tomorrow, I guess :)


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