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Live: Vine's 7 Second Videos & My Signature Smoothie

Am I finally an early adapter for the next cool thing? I think I just might be! Sure I might have joined Instagram or Twitter (and even Facebook) months, if not years, after everyone... but I just discovered Vine, thanks to the awesome Christine, and I'm pretty sure I'm addicted! Vine allows you to make 7 second videos with your phone of anything you possible want. It's a really fun and creative way of figuring out how to get a message across in very little time and with only a few images. So much fun!

What did I do with my first video? My signature smoothie of course (just click on it and unmute the volume to get it started!):

Hehe... kind of feel like the Chairman from Iron Chef at the end of that:

Vine was bought by twitter so you can cross-post your vine videos on Twitter, Facebook or you can easily embed them in your blog just like this! Expect a lot more of these in the future...