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Video of the Day!

After the storm that Food, Inc. has caused since its release, here's another quick video about an upcoming movie that'll keep your mind on organics: And check out their super cute website!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

One of the major draws of coming back to the DC area was knowing that we could be close to my parents' place aka. that we would have access to their garden to get back into some serious veggie planting. Throughout my childhood, my family has always stuck to the simple herbs, tomatoes, and sweet peppers side of gardening as those are usually fairly low maintenance plants and are pretty fail safe. But this year? Noooo. Andrew and I decided that this year would be our serious gardener year, our first year of really gardening together, and that we would go big or go home... and it's worked out great!
Organic gardening is both a lot of hard work and very little effort all at the same time. It blows my mind how many people (ie. my entire extended family) think that organic gardening comes with all this extra effort, that our garden will be torn apart by bunnies, infested with pests, and grown over by weeds. You know what? When I see 'conventional' gardeners spraying their gar…

How to Heal Yourself

Your spine: the ultimate healer to all your physical and emotional woes.
Your spine: such an underrated part of your body, yet when its healthy, the difference that it makes in your life is monumental!
My knowledge of this began when my wonderfully attentive partner asked me to start going to a chiropractor with him when I was in Canada—something that he had done for years. (I do wish to distinguish the very different level of qualification and professionalism of chiropractors in Canada than those in the US).
The first thing to note is that I grew up thinking I was just one of those girls that would always have problems with my period my whole life. I’ve always had pain that was severe enough that during the first 24-48 hours I had just resigned myself to being the kind of person who would have to deal with it until menopause. No Tylenol, Mydol, etc could do a single thing to help me… but our chiropractor changed my life.
After my initial consultation and looking at my spine, my chiroprac…