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Under Construction

Please bear with me as I mess around with my blog over the break to try to make it new and snazzier looking! Check out lots of new tabs and such in the New Year!

These seeds are awesome, savvy?

Sometimes you eat a new superfood because you think it has some property that will make you healthier, sometimes you eat a new superfood because it's the latest fad and you want to keep up with the times, but sometimes you just want eat a new superfood because it's so damn yummy! This was my experience with a random bag of Savi Seed Sacha Inchi seeds that Andrew brought home a couple nights ago.
Two words for you: NEW ADDICTION.
I think I could seriously sit down to a bin of these and spend the rest of my life quite content. Now, I don't usually get non-raw food cravings that seriously, but I don't know what it is in the air but I've been craving childhood comfort foods so bad recently (that being real Chinese food, not the fake take-out crap) or more generally, anything that people around here would call "ethnic" food (Indian or Middle Eastern food have been the two things constantly on my mind recently). On the Chinese food note though, I've always h…

Anger Management Tip #1: Bake

When I was in high school, if I ever asked a friend if I could come over to their place for an impromptu baking session, their first question would always be "What's wrong? Are you okay?" When I shared a place with housemates and they came home to the wonderful aroma of carrot cake or banana bread, someone would always asked "Okay, who pissed off Chantal?" In both those instances, 95% of the time they were right... I confess, I'm an emotional baker.

I know I'm not the only person to think this, but baking has always been my primary method of coping with anger, sadness, frustration, stress, or some combination of those four emotions. I don't know when that habit started... it was probably when my babysitter Evelyn taught me to bake banana bread from scratch for the first time when I was about 13. Ever since that day, whenever I was pissed, whenever I'd gone through some tragic teenage heartbreak, or when I'd just had a bad day, I would turn to…

Cranberry Recipe Shoutout

When pumpkin-picking has passed, when the leaves have turned their vibrant colours and fallen to the ground, and as snow starts to blanket my city for three long months of bitter cold, what food better describes the passage from fall to winter up here in the great North than the cranberry? There's something about cranberries that just remind me of the passage from fall to winter. I don't know if it's just because American Thanksgiving seems to fall during that transition period, or if it's just something about the berry's vibrant red hue, which is both such a Yuletide colour and reminiscent of those bright red berry bushes you sometimes see when you're trekking or cross-country skiing through abandoned trails. Either way, they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. As cranberry season comes to end, I'm assuming harvesters have long past flooded the last of their bogs before water turns to ice so I want to eat all the fresh cranberries I can get.
Cranberries are…

Just... Want... Kitchen... Time...

So, if you want to know what has happened to me since those days of yore of daily blogging, I think this explains it quite well: I call it... the PhD
This means I've been really antsy because that means more time
vegetating studiously writing in front of the computer and less time being creative in the kitchen. On the upside, another hoop jam (as in a hooping party not, a fruit preserve) saved my life this evening. Seriously, best thing ever, try it! Getting into my dance trance while still being focused enough to spin a hoop is the most wonderful feeling. It's so curative, especially because I've been in such a dance rut recently...
Anyway, my kitchen time has been pretty productive. I've made a beautiful love child between Meredith's and my "grawnola" recipes, which has just about spawned the best thing ever: You know I don't take measurements, but the general idea was replacing Meredith's use of raw pepitas and sunflower seeds with sprouted buckwhe…