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Coping with Stress (or not) & Banana Island

Dear Stress-coping Mechanisms,
Where have you been over the past year or so? I miss spending time with you. We used to get along so well, people always used to comment how good we were together. I think we both had to contribute a lot to each other. Please come back. I miss you. Love,
I've returned to being the "once a week" blogger and I'm not super pleased with that. However, I've also started to seriously somewhat start freaking out about my PhD comprehensive exams that are now both happening in less than a month. My day has pretty much been looking like the following:
-wake up -study -gym -study -enforced time to actually do non-brain things (like read blogs, or play mindless Nintendo DS games...) -sleep (usually not enough) -start over
Also, because I'm psychotic and strangely operate better under stress (or used to anyway), I've also taken up a part-time job over the weekend over the past month and was previously TA-ing an early summer co…

Smooth(ie) Summer

Not only I am excited to guest blog for Laury's Thirsty Thursdays today, I also have an additional recipe to share. When I was looking for ideas of what kind of recipe to send to her, I started off by trying to answer the following:
"When summer comes around, I know it's time for ______." The two first answers I came up with were "watermelon" and "berries"... Sheesh, you know you're a foodie when your first two answers are edible. Because I had frozen blueberries in the freezer, I decided to run with that, and used a variation of one of my usuals that looked something like this:
Summer Blues 2 bananas 1/2 C blueberries 2-3 ice cubes 1/3 teaspoon cardamon powder dash of cloves
Blend away!
Just as I was about to send it off, I decided to check out what kind of drink Laury had posted about last week (you think I might have checked that first). To my dismay, I found a berry smoothie that started with "2 bananas, and mixed berries"... Hmm, no way…

Rawsome beet burgers

I have to be a little narcissistic here and say that every once in a while I bust out culinary brilliance. Today was one such day. There need to be no words, only the yumminess that is this raw sunflower beet burger. I attribute a lot of the taste of this burger to the freshly cut herbs of our back patio (on that note, the Garden page has been updated for May-June). It might sound uninteresting if you just scan the recipe, but the result is delicious:
Sunflower Beet Burger Yields: makes about 4 bun sized patties

1/2 C sunflower seeds 2 tablespoon of flax 2 tablespoon of fresh parsley, chopped 2 sprigs of fresh thyme (about 2'' sprigs) 1 sprig of fresh rosemary (about 2'') 1 stick of celery 1/2 C carrots, chopped 1 medium beet, chopped 1 teaspoon of mustard 1/2 teaspoon of umeboshi paste (this is key!) 1/4 C tomato, chopped salt to taste pepper to taste
1. Blend everything in your Vitamix or food processor until the mix reaches burger-patty worthy texture and consistenc…

Garden 2011

After Yuletide and the turn of the new calendar year, one of my goals for 2011 was for us to grow a more amazing and bountiful garden than we have ever had before. In all fairness, that's not a very lofty goal considering that we've never actually had a garden ourselves... We would either make our weekly pilgrimage to the veggie garden we help set up at my parents' place or we would grow little things in containers indoors or off of our fire escape fancy balcony. This year, living in our first house, the space we have up front is about 190 square feet and our back plot is a mere 45 (and that doesn't even count back porch space), so we're not letting that stop us! We're going big or going home. Sure we don't have that much space, but we're going to make the most of it!

This page is going to be a log of everything we're doing when it comes to planning for and growing our garden. It'll be our trials and tribulations, our successes and our angry rant…

Summer Coolers

Mid-week rant #1: To all those who post twitter feeds, facebook updates, etc. blaming/complaining to Mother Nature for the "weird weather" we've been getting over the past couple seasons, please stop. It's not her fault that we are thinning out the ozone, polluting, and causing her to go through an early menopause. Let's start taking a little bit of grown-up personal responsibility, 'mkay?
Actually, that's my only rant, but it's certainly been building up for some time... Like I mentioned last time, the weather hasn't been getting any cooler in these parts and my LFRV-ism (now called HCRV, for High Carb Raw Vegan, because apparently the movement is trying to reclaim the bad rep given to the "carb") has certainly been helping. Here are a few breakfast ideas when the weather gets hot and you just need to cool down that internal body temp. I promise it'll work really fast! (Cow cup is not required, but a definite bonus.)
Creamy Orange Jui…

Canada Day Recap

First off, thanks so much to Lisa and Nicole for awarding first place to my chocolate orange creamsicle cookie in their Raw Ice Cream Sandwich Challenge! All the entries looked so yummy, I was particularly impressed with the piggie sammie, and thought it would take the prize for sure! This being my first entry in a food-related contest ever, I'd say I'm pretty pleased :) It was lots of fun to come up with a summer treat that would please any palate!
Secondly, this is going to be a picture heavy post! Canada Day weekend was a blast. Seriously, it's quickly becoming my favourite holiday ever. Here's a quick photo recap:
I started off by making Andrew a raw strawberry banana soft serve for the road.
Apparently, everyone in town was excited to see the royals, even the bakers.
We were impressed by the amount of local, organic food options in the park. Especially because they seem to be doing better than the pre-packaged crap stands next to them. We found one of Stone Soup's …

Happy Canada Day & Giveaway Winner!

Happy Canada Day! Here goes... and the winner is... Congrats Amanda!
If this is the Amanda I think it is, I guess the kitten knew it was your birthday :) Haha, and if it's one of the world's many other Amandas please send me an email at with your contact info so I can deliver the goods! Either way, get in touch! And thanks to everyone who entered!
Since the royals are in town, we should probably be punctual in heading out for the day's festivities. In the meantime, here are some awesome Canada Day recipes to consider, whether you'll be celebrating too or you just want some yummy patriotic looking food!
Angela's V'Oh Canada Oats

or herStrawberry Cheescake Bites (this girl is patriotic to boot!)

Vegan Yum Yum's Strawberry Waffles

and no Canada Day would be complete without this classic...
Sarah Kramer's Vegan Nanaimo Bars

Have a great weekend!