Canada Day Recap

First off, thanks so much to Lisa and Nicole for awarding first place to my chocolate orange creamsicle cookie in their Raw Ice Cream Sandwich Challenge! All the entries looked so yummy, I was particularly impressed with the piggie sammie, and thought it would take the prize for sure! This being my first entry in a food-related contest ever, I'd say I'm pretty pleased :) It was lots of fun to come up with a summer treat that would please any palate!

Secondly, this is going to be a picture heavy post! Canada Day weekend was a blast. Seriously, it's quickly becoming my favourite holiday ever. Here's a quick photo recap:

I started off by making Andrew a raw strawberry banana soft serve for the road.

Apparently, everyone in town was excited to see the royals, even the bakers.

We were impressed by the amount of local, organic food options in the park.
Especially because they seem to be doing better than
the pre-packaged crap stands next to them.
We found one of Stone Soup's trucks in the park and some B.Good cookies,
so Andrew opted for:

An organic bean & veggie soft taco
with a really delicious chilled strawberry watermelon soup.
I was classy and ate my giant banana green smoothie from a mason jar.

Probably one of the coolest parts of our day
was running into this guy in the park.
He was playing an instrument called a Halo, based off of the original Swiss Hang. It's one of the world's newest musical instruments! I've never actually listened to (and later got to play) an instrument that was as deeply meditative to me. I feel like it realigned my chakras or something... it was really, really moving, in a way this video's sound totally can't capture.

After meandering through all the stands, markets, etc.
We decided to listen to the concerts and chill with the Royals on the Hill...
and ya, there were another 300,00 people that got in the way of our "us" time.

As always, the fireworks were epic and gorgeous...
All in all, an awesome day!

Have to say, the one downside is that everything about Canada Day has become really privatized... so it wasn't just the Canada Day fireworks, but "Corporation A presents the Canada Day Fireworks" or the "Corporation B's Canada Day Music Festival"... Kinda found that a little cheapening, don't sell yourself out Canada!

With summer officially a go now that all of North America has celebrated their respective indenpendences, I'll be back in the morning with some fantastic cooling summer recipes! In the meantime, have a good week!


  1. Kristen DelougheryJuly 6, 2011 at 2:17 PM

    Ha ha, thank goodness for classy mason jars!:) The first picture in this post reminds me of a dream I had a while ago in which you and I made a vegan cherry gelato pie... and it got me thinking perhaps we could actually do that now that it's summer! It could easily be 811-ified too, with maybe a date crust, and vita-mixed frozen pineapple and cherry filling? (Or even skip the crust, or use bananas instead, or or or myriad delicious options)... 

  2. Hey I was watching the same fireworks! ;) I watched them from a 3 storey
    parking lot though :) That instrument is so amazing, so glad I clicked
    play. I WISH I would have seen that, I was so impressed. I want one!


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