Wednesday Randomness

This is not a filler post, I swear! Things have been crazy around here (I totally hear you Nikki). I'm finishing classes over the next couple weeks for the rest of my life... no really, I've been in school non-stop since I was in preschool at four. It's kind of a big deal. That and theater rehearsals and dance are taking up most of my nights now, which is awesome, but time consuming. Aaand, word on the street is that I might actually start teaching dance sometime... shh, it's on the down low.

So, here's just a few random things I've been collecting over the last little while, that probably has more value than anything I could share with you today! Enjoy.

1. For rough mornings

Don't know why it might be emotions or the full moon, but I got about half the sleep I needed last night. Want a guaranteed smile? Seriously, read this. It worked on me (or maybe I'm just easily amused).

2. For building good habits

I've been meaning to say this for ages, but a while back, Julie over at PB Fingers interviewed Dr. Travis Stork, from the TV Show the Doctors. The interview was really great, and I suggest you read it, but one answer was a real gem that I definitely wanted to share. (I would also encourage you to change the question and answer from "in your 20s" to "in your teens and 20s" because being healthy during that whole teenage development period matters a lot):

Q: What is something many people in their 20s likely don't do but should do with regard to healthy living?

A: "People in their 20s need to realize that chronic illness starts its progression in your younger years. Heart disease doesn't start in your 50s. That's why making healthy switches when you're young is so important. [...] You may think you're immortal in your 20s, but now that I'm about to be 40, I know that the things you do in your 20s impacts your health in your 40s and beyond."

3. For intellectual reflection

Two thoughts I've had recently:

 a) a lot of body image talk is going on on FB, Pinterest, wherever. I find that way too much of it bashes slim women for being slim (I've already ranted about this once.) Why do people feel they can tell someone that she needs to "go eat a sandwich" while we can't tell someone else that she seriously needs to go on a diet. Because it might hurt the second person's feelings? Yeah, well, the first person has feelings too.

b) Anti-biotic is a word that literally means "against life." I think people should think about that a bit more and explore their options before they just start popping pills. I've been thinking about the number of teens of my generation especially that were put on acne antibiotics for years at a time. I'm thinking of all the kids nowadays who are on ADD meds and stuff like that... We're compromising our children's systems at one of the most critical times in their life!

4. For yumminess

A Tempeh Quinoa Collard Wrap Recipe from TIU. Best collard wrap EVER.

5. For a smile


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