Pass the Pesto!

Another day, another winner. Easter dinner last night was another delicious success: Meredith's 'Yes Please, Pesto Pasta', and the name says it all! While we rarely eat seconds on a raw diet only because the food is so nutrient dense and filling, we didn't stop until we had two bowls this time, and my old self could have probably gone for more! I put this together by making Meredith's perfect pesto and mixing it with spiralized zucchini, diced red peppers and grape tomatoes, chopped up sun-dried tomatoes, all topped with her amazing nut cheese. What a delight!

I used both the nut cheese and the pesto again today when we went for a picnic with my parents along the Washington Tidal Basin amidst our city's gorgeous cherry blossoms. My mom provided a wonderful spring salad, and I provided them with sandwiches. I made my dad a nut cheese, cornichon (the French version of pickles), cucumber, and peppered tofurky in a baguette. I made my mom a raw pesto, tomato, spinach, and nut cheese sandwich, and the two of the raved about their respective lunches :) (yes, a Frenchman approved of raw nut cheese!)

It's always fun to introduce raw foods to non-raw foodies, especially because my parents are becoming more and more open to the concept. This weekend I was planning on divulging the secret of banana whip yumminess to my mom, and bringing over more nut cheese to fill their house with raw goodness. I love showing my love through food to those around me, I've always been that way. Showing you care by giving the food you made with love to others beats a thousand words! There's a reason why we have expressions like "a way to a man's heart is through his stomach" or that "mom's home cooking" is like nothing else in the world. The secret ingredients to all yummy food is always love!


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