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First off, here's your daily dose of beautiful:

Secondly, I was all excited about doing my first "What I Ate Wednesday" post since I love seeing other bloggers doing those. However, after taking pictures of breakfast, I kind of completely forgot about it for the rest of the day... bad blogger, bad.

So thirdly, yay filler post! Back in March, I succumbed to my first internet meme by filling out the ABCs survey that was going around blog world. I then remembered how much I used to love those little chain letter survey things when I was a tween. When I saw that Bitt had created her own raw version of that survey, I knew she had me wrapped around her little finger! I can also use these as an excuse to say that I'm being more superficially "personal" with all of you. Please feel free to fill it out if you're a closet survey filler too!
A - Preferred Way of Eating Avocados: I used to love them most in smoothies and things, but now probably as the "creamy" in a "creamy kale salad" ooo ooo or in nori rolls.
B - Daily Banana Intake: Nowadays, I can average anywhere from 4 to 14.
C - Cacao or Carob: Oh, tough one. I'd probably have to go with carob though... The taste of a particular carob cookie of mine was once described as "tasting likes leaves" or humus (not to be confused with hummus). It was meant as a compliment. I actually totally understood what my friend meant, and actually agreed. That's why I love carob, it's kind of like sweet fallen autumn leaves...
D - Durian: Haven't had it since I was little. Growing up in a Chinese culinary household, we used to leave milk, cookies, and durian candies out for Santa... My dad, not necessarily having that palate, would only eat the milk and cookies. My sister and I figured Santa didn't like durian...
E - Essential Way to Start the Day: Water and lots of it, and a kiss from Andrew. Then I know all is right in the world.
F - Favourite Fruit: Mangos by a landslide!
G - Guru You Like: Hmm, don't really do the whole guru thing, I guess.
H - Healthy Meal: Either my banana-spinach-spirulina smoothies or my giant beast salads.
I - Ice Cream Base: Bananas, Coconuts, Nuts, or Other: Definitely bananas, though as a not-as-raw vegan, I tried hemp milk-based ice cream in NY and it was fantastic!
J - Juice or Smoothies: Smoothies all the way! As much as I occasional like juice, I don't particularly believe in the whole separate the different parts of a fruit/veggie. That and I don't digest it as well at all.
K - Favourite Way to Eat Kale: A close call between kale chips and creamy kale salad.
L - Number of Lemons in your House Right Now: 1 1/2 since I just put 1/2 in my favourite lemon banana smoothie! I always like to have some on hand, whether for savoury recipes (most recently for cauliflower couscous) or with bananas in a smoothie (I'm telling you, throw in a few poppy seeds and you have poppy seed cake batter!)
M - Muscle Testing: I don't know how, but it does work! It's amazing and defies science! Don't knock it 'til you try it.
N - Nut Butter: Meh... So, sue me. If I had to pick, I'd have to side with good ol' PB.
O - Organic or Conventional: Organic, seriously, conventional is just not an option in this household.
P - Pickled Veggies, Have You Made Them: I'm part Chinese and part Polish, I think my blood is probably pickled. Sauerkraut, pickled cabbage, cucumbers, beets, anything... ANYTHING!!!
Q - Questions You Most Get Asked About your Diet: "What are you going to do with all those bananas?" Unfortunately, most cashiers don't get my sarcasm and I'm pretty sure a bunch of them actually think I own a pet monkey... maybe I should just start suggestively wiggling my eyebrows at them and let them draw their own conclusions...
R - Recipe you Love: What? I have to pick one? I would be pretty lame if I just picked a banana or mango smoothie, so I'll "splurge" and say Shannon's Samoraws (her raw version of the Samoa Girl Scout Cookie). Actually, all her raw versions of those are divine.
S - Skin Brushing: Yes! And I know I should totally do it more often.
T - Types of Water you Drink: Too much crap in city tap water, so the best we can do here it go with Culligan (something like an 8 stage process/reverse osmosis or something to that effect)!
U - Unbelievable Thing that's Related to Eating Raw: I have terrible eyesight, and my eyesight actually improved when I went vegan and raw. My eye doctor couldn't believe it, since she'd been up-ing my prescription since I was about 10.
V- Vegetable you Love: Honestly, probably just romaine lettuce. I'm not super complex that way.
W - Why did you Start Eating Raw? Just cuz... honestly, I don't have a fancy backstory to this decision. I just wanted to.
X - X-rated Vegetable or Fruit: Ooooh, definitely this delicious monster. I mean, come on:
Y - Yummy Food you Make: I just asked Andrew and he said that it would be hard to pick but that he would go with one of my ice creams (which he is now wanting me to make...), perhaps my raw banana split then!
Z - Favourite use of Zucchinis: Mmm, raw lasagna... I could have sworn I posted a recipe for that... I guess I'll have to change that soon!


  1. Groovy post. I was thinking, since zuck is totally in season, we should make a rawsagna for the boyz, num num num! Speaking of kale, My kale salads just keeping getting better and better. Used  THAT CAESAR (dammit, I canèt use my quotation marks; how do I always end up pressing that crazy combo and turn my keyboard into a french board, ugh) on my massaged kale leaves, h.e.a.v.e.n! Then, I made kale chips with it. Brent and I declared they tasted just like all dressed chips, sans the tats. Okay, another durian lover here. Have you ever had durian soft serve (question mark; stupid keyboard). If not, we are so making it!!!! Off topic, thank for yesterday girlie!!! xxxxxxxo


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