Link Love: Baked Vegan Yummies

Every weekend, I really look forward to reading Angela's Recipe Link Love. Once a week, she delights all her readers with absolutely yummy looking pictures of others people's food. It's fantastic, and really gives me new ideas on how to be creative in the kitchen. Because it's Lent and since we've established I'm psychotic already, I decided I'd start by sharing the yummiest vegan baked goods I've found online. These have often been used as my go-to potluck recipes, you know the ones to impress your non-vegan friends with vegan dessert recipes.

(In my attempt to share the yummy-ness in its full unadultarated glory, I did use the photos they had up on their blog. Since they are directly linked, I figured it would be okay! For those involved, please let me know if it's not.)

In the fall, I used to make this cake for my dad all the time when I was in DC because he loooves chocolate, and this recipe was so warm and comforting. (The (never)homemakers are on a blogging break right now, but it's still a fantastic resource!)

Can you really go wrong? Everything else he makes is to die for as well, but more about that later...

aka. the best f***ing vegan brownies ever, seriously... (I don't use the coffee)

Vegan Visitor's Chocolate Raspberry Torte

This recipe is amazing, it's gluten-free, easy on the sugar, and because it uses almond flour, you don't have to add any extra oils or anything... and it tastes like heaven.

Oh She Glow's Chick Cupcakes

I've never made these before, but how can I not post these! They're the cutest thing ever!

Love Veggie and Yoga's No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Bars

I have mentioned these before, because I used to make the all the time for the man's post-workout snack. Haven't done that in a while, and I miss eating half the batter making them for him.

The Fitnessista's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Best no-fail cookies ever. Like those ultimate brownies, this is my go to chocolate chip cookie recipe (though I use a lot less oil and sugar). Their texture is fantastic though and they make huge lovely cookies!

So bake away! Hope you're salivating like I am :)


  1. Fantastic looking!
    I need to not be so hungry before reading your blog.
    Or maybe that's the key.
    Anyway, I don't know which to try first. I think it's a tie between the pumpkin cake and the protein bar... and the chocolate chip cookies... and the brownies...and the cookie dough ice cream.

  2. Hahaha, I know right?
    I'm hoping to post temptations like this every week just to make the decision even more difficult :)


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