Creamy Vegan Squash Soup

So I promised a coup recipe.... and I deliver! Recently, we bought one of these beauties at the market:
That's a Pink Banana and/or a Georgia Candy Roaster. Now do keep in mind that those are about the size of my torso, if not longer. I haven't figured out yet if those two breeds are the same squash under a different names, sub-families, or just two unrelated squash. Anyway, we bought one and it barely fit into the oven.

That's a lot of squash. It turned it a pretty wicked vegan birthday cheesecake, it was also became yummy roasted squash with honey, sea salt, herbs, and olive oil, and with all that was leftover it also became bowls and bowls of this delicious soup.

Now, I know that soup is a pretty easy thing to make, but I'm a lazy soup maker. I don't know why. This one takes about 5 minutes or less to make, which is definitely a feature. I'm sure that you can also use any of your favourite squash instead of the one I used to come up with an equally simple and tasty recipe.
Creamy Vegan Squash Soup
Makes enough for 1 big bowl

1 C cooked squash
1/2 C "milk" (I used coconut milk)
1/2 C water
1 teaspoon of liquid sweetener
1/2 teaspoon of sea salt
half a clove of garlic
dash of cumin

1. Blend ingredients in Vitamix.
2. Heat over medium heat on the stove, if you like.

See? Simple and delicious. I've also made variants where I fried onions and the garlic in the pot before I tossed in the soup. I've also added rosemary and thyme. I've used almond milk, coconut milk and soy milk, and they all turned out lovely. 

Stay warm!


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