Everything but the Kitchen Sink Cookies

Ah, what to do when you get a baking itch after the stores are closed and your cupboards are devoid of your usual raw dessert ingredients? Why, use the "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" method of course! All you've got to do is find as much of the usual ingredients as you need for a recipe, and then, well, wing it! Use up leftovers, use up what's going to go bad in your fridge, the possibilities are endless!

I wanted to make some high-raw cookies for my dessert monkey/soulmate, so I started by grinding raw oat groats, threw in a dash of coconut butter, vanilla powder, salt, the last of our maple syrup supply, the ends of our brazil nuts, and a little water. Before I mixed though, I had to add toppings so I started with the last of a bag of raw pecan (chopped) and chocolate chips, and while that tasted good, it was nothing special. I wanted crunch, so I threw in bits from the latest version of my grawnola recipe, and that made it perfect! I dehydrated those bad boys for about 4 hours at 105, and by the time they came out, most of them disappeared pretty fast...

So, bonus of the kitchen sink method?
1) I get to "bake"
2) I get to use up leftovers
3) I get to experiment with textures and tastes that I might not necessarily have tried had I just followed the same old recipe!
4) My dessert monkey is happy

For other WTF kitchen sink recipes, here are some other bloggers' options
(both raw and/or cooked vegetarian):

From Angela at Oh She Glows:
(apparently she's a fan!)

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So whenever you think you're lacking in ingredients, just make something up! What's the worse that can happen? Cookies!!!


  1. Gotta love those "anything goes" recipes- Don't forget the added bonus that after wards, you have a good excuse to go grocery shopping to stock up the pantry again! ;)

  2. haha, funny you should mention that since I did it today :)


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