Rice Amazingness and Apple Sauce Comfort

With half a head of cauliflower left, I wanted to give raw cauliflower another chance. Luckily, I chanced upon the Pure2Raw twins' Raw Rice and knew I had to give that a try. Of course, it being me, I had to tweak the recipe and came up with something fabulous. Though you can't see the layers at all, I made three tiers. The bottom and middle layer were seperated by a really simple guacamole, and the middle and top layer by caramalized red onions. I topped it all off with raisin, sundried tomatoes, and pumpkin seeds. Amazing! Like the kind of amazing that you could eat every day and be eternally satisfied.

I'm keeping my own version a secret right now, so instead, I'll share my favourite apple sauce recipe with you. I've pretty much been eating this apple sauce every day for the past few weeks now, and I'm still in love with it. There's something about apple sauce, and especially the apple-cinnamon combination, that feels like someone just wrapped you up in a warm blanket and handed you the most comforting thing you could imagine, like a kitten, or a cookie, or something... Anyhoo, as usual, just blend everything in your Vitamix/high speed blender:

Raw Cinnamon Apple Sauce
2-3 apples, chopped (or using 1 apple & 1 pear is fantastic too!)
3 dates
1/2-1 teaspoon of cinnamon*
1 teaspoon of Irish Moss gel**
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of goji berries, optional***
small chunk of fresh ginger, optional

*I like to go heavy with my cinnamon, but I can understand that it can get a little overpowering, it does give you really nice breath though.
**To make the gel, soak your irish moss for about 24 hours and then blend it with water until it forms a kind of jelly. It keeps for up to a week (I've pushed it to two) in the fridge and will reach a jello consistency when it's cooled.
*** I've been finding goji berries a little teeth unfriendly recently (as in, they're very sticky and I don't want to get cavities) so I've been putting them in my smoothies/sauces to get the nutrients that way instead.


  1. Looks beautiful! Love raw applesauce.. Another recipe with irish moss- I have gotta get some!
    Blessings, Debra
    Raw Vegan Diet

  2. Thanks :) Yep, I've gotten into the happen of putting Irish Moss into what I can, it's so good for you, and it definitely helps give that pudding thickness to anything. I do find the taste a little strong (though some people think it tastes like nothing), I usually don't put more than a teaspoon of the gel in anything I make! Have fun experimenting!


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