Caving for my ABCs & New Year Goal #7 Reached!

Okay, okay, I give in. I'll do it. I haven't done one of these survey things since I was in high school or something, but I'm doing it upon request. If anything, it'll make you get to know me better! Like Ayla said, it's also serving as great blog-filler right now, as my week have been particularly busy!

However, before I get into that, I have a quick PSA. So, remember my 2011 goals? I've just achieved Goal #7, aka. "be able to do a complete front split:"
I realized after my run today (thus the sweaty tired photo) that I hadn't tried in a couple weeks, and then... I just did it, and picked my hands off the floor. And then, I did it again 5 minutes later just to prove I could do it. Then I did it with my other leg. Awesome. I've actually been trying to get at this since I was about 6 or something, so I'm really excited!

Now on to my fluff piece:

A) Age: 24, apparently I'm such a kid at heart that a recent "Real Age" test told me I was -14... I don't know what that says about my maturity levels, but I'll take it as a compliment!

B) Bed size: Full, because we're too cool for a double or a queen.

C) Chore you Hate: Sweeping. We both have long hair... and a kitty... and hardwood floors. That makes for a lot of floor stuff...
(yes that is a pile of cat hair as big as our cat...
that's what happens when you don't brush him in a while)

D) Dogs: Honestly? Not a huge fan in general, but it depends on the specific dog, because then I can love them. A lot.

E) Essential start your day item: Recently? My skin brush. I've been religiously skin brushing ever morning for almost a month straight now now and it makes such a difference!

F) Favourite colour: Really depends on my mood, but I'm really into rich autumn-y colours as is obvious in most of my dance costuming.
G) Gold or Silver? Copper. I love copper (probably for the reasons just stated above). But if I had to pick, silver for the day to day, and gold for my dance costumes of awesome-ness.

H) Height: 5'6, though I often feel taller because other girls always seems to be shorter than me...

I) Instruments you play: I've been playing the piano since I was a kid. I've been attempting to play the guitar since I was about 16. I played the Guzheng for about a year a while back and though I have no idea why I took that up, it was awesome:
J) Job Title: PhD candidate, one day I will insist you all call me Doctor.

K) Kids: One of our biggest environmental problems is overpopulation, I'm choosing not to contribute. (Also, my cousin produced the perfect child some three years ago so I'm not even going to bother trying to compete.)

L) Live: In Ottawa, and I love it! Boooo to all you naysayers who say it's a boring place. It has trees and parks and awesome people and everything I need. Ottawa is like the trustworthy significant other you've been looking for your whole life. Ottawa is the boyfriend you should settle in with because he'll treat you right...

M) Mom’s name: I call her mommy :)

N) Nicknames: I've had my share...

O) Overnight hospital stays: Knock on wood!

P) Pet Peeve: Twist ties. Seriously, I hate them. They're the bane of my existence. Every time I have to undo one of those things, I can feel the precious seconds of my life wasting away.

Q) Quote from a movie: I'd love to think of something deeper, but the only thing that came to mind was:
R) Right or Left-handed?: I was probably suppose to be left-handed or ambidextrous, but one of my kindergarden teachers forced me to use my right hand for everything, so now I'm just like everyone else.

S) Siblings: The best big sister in the world :)
T) Time you wake-up: Anytime between 7am and 9am. I love being an early(ish) riser!

U) Underwear: Overrated, unless it's really cute.

V) Vegetables you dislike: I really don't understand this question.

W) What makes you run late? The clocks, they're out to get me. Honestly, I have no idea why it keeps happening. There's nothing to get your day started like watching your bus down the street, just driving away, like it doesn't even know you're there...

X) X-rays you've had: My teeth, and I had to get one when I started going to see a chiropractor. Knowing all the radiation that it involves, I kind of wish I hadn't. I mean, they ask you to put a lead shield over your reproductive area... shouldn't that be a sign that something is wrong?

Y) Yummy food you make: Hopefully, you know all about that because it's part of why you read my blog!

Z) Favourite Zoo Animal: PANDA!!!!!! (and Red Pandas too)
(yes that is a baby panda butt)

And if you need more distraction, Peep Art is a must see! (I know I shouldn't be supporting the production of these candies but they're soooo cute!)


  1. Congrats on the split!! That is one thing I will never be able to do :( I have had dreams where I can do them though, and then I'm disappointed when I wake up and can't.

  2. Congrats on the split!

    Love the cat fur pile. I get that with one of my dogs too.

  3. You can do a split!? So jealous. I've always want to do either the front or the sideways kind but unfortunately I can do neither. One day..

    Your kitty is ridiculously fluffy! My dog sheds a lot but I've never gotten that much hair off of her at one time.

  4. Ahem......I take issue with D). (giggle giggle). You did fine with Dionna the havanese puppy at my house so I am hoping she won over your heart and you ended up loving her despite her puppy madness LOL :) and her not being a kitty. Just poking fun at you......cats are awesome. All pets are awesome. Life is good.

    I hope you are well and that all is good with you and your family. I sent you an email recently and I hope you received it. Take care, andra.


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