1/2 Marathon Training: Blister-free Running

Because Sunday has become my long run day, I thought I'd give share some more running tips as I continue along my quest for the 1/2 marathon. Today's topic: running blisters. When I started running, blisters were never an issue for me. Little did I know that it had more to do with distance + time (for me anyway), than just the act of running, that would create the problem.

Once I got in the habit of running 4+ miles, the blisters started coming. As I increased my mileage, it got worse and worse. I'm not talking plain old blisters here, I'm talking weird ones that creep up on you in between your toes, and stuff like that. That just doesn't make the rest of your week very pleasant...

I've heard that a lot of people use special running socks, and at first I just it was just some kind of sucker way to getting runners to spend more money (running can be an expensive activity for some, especially once you get into the good pair of running shoes + fancy the Garmin timers + aerodynamic water belts,  and what have you). Up til now, all I ever was a decent pair of running shoes (I love you Aesics!) and my iPod for music, but the callouses and blisters were getting out of hand... my feet vanity was taking a real hit (yes, that actually is a thing... Half of me comes from a foot-binding culture after all.) So I started looking into options, and after some online browsing, realized that better footwear isn't just restricted to good running shoes. Enter Thorlos' Experia Socks:

One run and I was a total convert. These things make a world of difference. It's like running on clouds, or cotton candy... or some other very fluffy blister-free thing. Running has become so much easier with these. I haven't gotten a single running-induced blister or callous since I started using these. I can't rave enough about how amazing they are. That and they come in all sorts of neat colours. I actually look forward to my now 8+ mile runs just knowing my pink Experia socks will be there for me and have my back... or my feet in this case, I guess.


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