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I and most of my fellow food bloggers are some "special" diet. Whether we're are vegan, bee-gan, vegetarian, high-protein, low fat, raw, or some permutation of all of those and more. The other similarity between a lot of us is that we have a significant other, one who may or may not be on the same dietary road as we are. Now, a lot of you might think that that could lead to some complications, that we would have to prepare two different meals three or more times a day, and that our choices could quickly become a hassle, inconvenient, or downright frustrating. But not so! This post is about how you can make a his and hers food lifestyle work for you, if the two of you aren't 100% on the same culinary wavelength.

I'm lucky enough that my other half is on the same path I am. For the most part, we are both raw bee-gans (though we both hate that kind of categorization, as Andrew just said he doesn't want to be an "-an" or "-ist" anything). The only difference being that he probably eats twice as much as I do and maintains much higher protein levels than mine to maintain his manly mass, haha. While he will eat some things I don't necessarily, like raw tofu or most protein powders, it totally works. Here are a couple ways we make it happen:

Option 1: The Hers and His Meal +
Most of the time, I use the "hers" meal as a base. If I'm making us smoothies in the morning, I'll mix "my" base ingredients (so fruit, water, and superfood powders), and then pour out my half. To the second portion, I'll add protein powders, raw granola, etc. turning it into a "his" meal. So while we're almost eating exactly the same thing, his has a couple extra ingredients that fulfill his needs, while I can stick to mine. Another example is if I just want salad for dinner, that will be my meal and will be his side dish. To his plate, I'll add whatever I'm in the mood to make or he's in the mood to eat, whether it's some raw tofu dish or a raw burger or sandwich. Obviously, the possibilities are endless, whatever your meal is, you can always just add a side of meat, tofu, bread, rice or whatever he eats but you don't. For a raw and non-raw couple, I've seen people dehydrate their burger while baking their hubbies, or something to that effect. This way you aren't cooking two completely different meals but just making a "plus" version of yours. It saves time, and every body is happy with their yummy portion-tailored meals!

Today's Option 1 Example: Post-workout recovery snack

Hers: Banana whip (made with 1 1/2 bananas),
matcha goo (1/2 banana mixed with matcha green tea powder), and cinnamon
His: the Hers version + 1 tsp almond butter + crumbled high-raw recovery bars

Option 2: The Just Do Whatever His & Hers
Sometimes, you're just in the mood to create, but you don't want a big meal yourself. That's a great time to use your "his" meal as your opportunity to get creative. In other words, in this case, you are making two "separate" meals. Sometimes, it means you are using completely different ingredients than the ones going in your meal. Sometimes, it just means using a few similar items.

Today's Option 2 Example: Breakfast

His: The infamous Chocolate-Cherry Bomb VOO
(I tried to make my pic look as sexy as Angela's)
Hers: banana whip with spirulina

Option 3: The His = Hers
Of course, lots of the time you guys want to eat the same thing. And really, there's nothing easier than that! While you can make your own separate plates with different portions in it, we just like to keep it simple by sticking everything on one big plate (or in one big bowl), grabbing two forks, and dishing it out together.

Today's Option 2 + 3 Example: Dinner

His & Hers: Big salad
His: Raw Burger

In the end, the most important thing is to include each other and one another's food choices when you eat. Whether you're eating together on the go or sitting down for a meal, love and support is what it's all about. Not only does sharing in each other's food experiences keep you both physically healthy, connecting at an emotional level through meal time is as a good a way to keep the bond strong! Sitting down for meals with your family or your partner is one of the few times in your day when you can just sit down and "be." Make it a habit whenever you can! Happy couples eat together. (photo from here)

P.S. I just recognized that I in no way intended to make this post totally hetero-centric. However, limitations of language often make it that that's the way we express ourselves. I think you can guess that what I'm trying to say is whoever you are cooking for, and whatever your situation is, if there are dietary differences between you, it can always work!

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  1. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)July 23, 2010 at 11:23 PM

    thanks for the linky love!

  2. Nice tips! they can definately come in handy! And it's good that you clarify that despite the choice of words it'snot meant to be hetero-centric. Maybe you could use yours and the other's instead? Sounds much better! I have another suggestion, that you both cook (or uncook) your own food , when it's possible. What I see most often in relationships is that the one person does the cooking , and that almost always it's the woman (in hetero relationships) with exceptions of course. Why is that? Especially when your diets are different you should realize that it's time to grab that spatula and learn to cook yourself.I don't like it when one partner is too lazy ( and not just lousy at cooking) to help share the cooking (or chores in general)

  3. Thanks for that! I did try to find an alternative to the title but it was the most catchy :p The thing about yours and "other's" is that the "other" sounds kind of exclusionary to me. (again the problem with language that we have kind of demonized the word "Other")

    And of course I'm all for divvying up chores and cooking, which we personally do ourselves to a huge extent. One person should never just become lazy. But the opening point in this particular case is that I, and many others, love to be in the kitchen (if not to say, I'm kind of kitchen-territorial) and actually find it more fulfilling to make food for the whole household (or for me and my significant other) than have the other person make their own food. It's kind of like how mother's would rather make food for the whole family than have everybody grab something random from their fridge like a free for all. Of course, that's not to say we don't also love prep-ing food together or just letting your partner take over completely :) I guess it's more about what fulfills each individual household the most, whether it gives in to gender roles or not!

  4. want to find me a wife to make me healthy food all the time? (beef, pork, chicken, mmm) i would really appreciate that.


  5. Hmm yes it does sounds a bit exclusionary. But compared to the other option it's better I think. It's the only one I can use anyway!
    I understand what you mean perfectly, I love preparing food for my loved ones too!And I guess I took your post to mean general cases not just for those who love to (un)cook. But I think what I 'm saying applies for both. Because even if you love cooking if your diets are too different (as in most cases are,even if not SAD something close ) it's not really practical to have one person do all the cooking, especially if you have kids and don't want them to just grab things from the fridge. Our lives are too full to have one person shoulder it alone even if they like it. I wish more households were like yours devoid of all these roles and their consequences that only make our lives harder.But I 'm afraid that for now your case is the exception, usually people just do their preassigned roles, and the women have the additional strain of having to cook too many things to please everyone. Let's hope this will change soon.

    p.s. Andrew sounds so nice and open minded! You are very lucky!


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