Mental Clarity

Four days of high raw and I feel like a new person. I can't get over how amazing the raw diet is. As I mentioned yesterday, I've been eating about 95% fresh fruit and veggies and I've regained the mental clarity I lost over the past 6 months. Like I used to in the beginning, I woke up bright and early today (at 6:45am) and felt totally alert and ready to go. I went upstairs to our super new loft that I'm turning into my yoga/dance harem and did 20 minutes of yoga from Yoga Download to get my day going. It was delicious. (photo source)

Despite the fact that it's also super hot up here (yep, even Canadians get 35C/95F degree weather sometimes!), we trekked all around town and I managed to survive 30 minutes of sweaty jungle beast cardio at the gym later in the afternoon... All of that, and I still feel great!

For those who have expressed curiosity on what my day looks like now that it's more 'structured'. It looks something like this:

Breakfast: Fruit smoothie, green smoothie, or straight up fruit (always with maca and mesquite powder)
Lunch: either a banana whip to cool from the heat with 1 tbsp of spirulina or a big salad
Snacks (1 or 2 depending on activity levels): includes either a piece of fruit, random veggies, a couple pieces of kale chips, 2 dried apricots, and/or a tbsp of my favourite goji berry-turkish mulberry mix or bee pollen
Dinner: a big salad (and I mean BIG) or something fun like soup, or raw sushi, or raw pasta

More specifically, I've been trying to eat at least one apple and one banana a day for all their nutrients. I'm also conscious of my B12 levels by having spirulina. My nutrient boost also comes from the maca and mesquite, as well as 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder that all go into my breakfast concoction. Today, I did take extra calcium and a multi-vitamin by Botani Organics (which I just found was apparently bought over by MetaOrganics... my antique bottles are a good indication of how often I take supplements).

Interestingly, because I've been more active today, I got my first desire for heavier foods. Because I don't want to be a nazi about my diet, I figured I would allow myself to "splurge" on a bite of raw lemon raspberry cheesecake we recently found at one of our local natural food stores. I was super psyched to be able to taste something so decadent after my 4 days of hard work. So I took a bite... and really wish I hadn't. It's not because I felt guilty, but because it was as if I had taken a large bite into a batch of pure coconut butter. Ick. Don't know if 4 days can change taste buds that much, but I did not like it. At least that event has motivated me to stick with my original plan!

In terms of changes, I've also noticed that my tongue has gotten super healthy looking again. One strange thing I took pride in when going on the raw diet was how perfectly pink and smooth my tongue got. Recently, it started getting more white-ish and 'average-looking' again, which bummed me out. But no more! I could enter a tongue pageant. Also on the upside, my nutrient/calorie counter has indicated that I got over 100% of all my essential nutrients and minerals today (including calcium)! Yay!


  1. hey, I was curious if you bought your dehydrator online or found it somewhere in Ottawa - I'm trying to find one locally.

  2. Hi, unfortunately I bought it online right before I moved up here. I haven't seen any around in stores, but I know you can find them at for a pretty decent price. Good luck!

  3. haha, I love the "I could enter a tongue pageant"!
    you are inspiring me to try high raw! (or raw in general...)

  4. haha, thanks :)
    About the raw thing, send questions my way if ever you have any, I'd love to do what I can to help!
    And not just reciprocating, but your blog has also been super inspiring to me. They've really made me work on being more optimistic and positive :) You're putting stuff out there that I would have never even dared to say out loud (and probably still wouldn't)!


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