Market: Canada-style

So I guess I made the false assumption about a week ago that buying food from a French farmers' market was cheaper than doing the same thing in Canada. Like most people who falsely claim that organic is more expensive than conventional, I got it in my head that food in Canada is more expensive than in the US or in Europe. Apparently, it is all in my head.

I was gladly proven wrong this morning, when Andrew and I headed for our weekly trip to the Main Farmers' Market. For only $10 more than my parents paid in France, we picked up 100% organic and local produce for a comparable amount of food. While we did get slightly more produce in France, but everything we bought here was certified organic, so to me, that definitely makes up the cost difference!

Cost aside, the awesome find of our day was this bad boy:
Yes that is a mushroom bigger than Andrew's face!

It's a Wine-Cap Stropharia grown from wood chips by Colin Samuels over at Jambican Studio Gardens. It's going to make a series of mean marinated mushroom steaks once I muster the nerve to chop it up. I got so much attention carrying it around the market today I felt like I one of those women with a really cute baby or walking my puppy or something... I don't feel like I can eat it just yet, I've grown attached to it...

Also on the menu, I'll be attempting my first use of irish moss by making Cafe Gratitude's I Am Apple Pie with some bargain organic apples I picked up the other day. That should be up tomorrow, so wish me luck! I hear irish moss can be pretty finicky, and well, gooey.


  1. Mushrooms are a great source of food!

    Especially when one takes the timne to go and gather them in the forest or grow them at home! =)

  2. Hahaha c'est trop drôle comme champignon, il est mimi comme tout tu ne pourras pas le manger ce serait un crime ;)

  3. That mushroom is crazy! I would probably have a hard time eating something like that too, just because of how quirky it is.

    Good luck with the pie! I'm sure it will be delicious. :D

  4. Very true, now the next step is to live close enough to a forest so I can do that :) It's all part of the plan... Thanks for reading!

  5. That's why it's still sitting happily on my counter at the moment :)

    I'm certainly hoping my pie will turn out! The Irish Moss I soaked last night appears to have done nothing... yay for experimentation!


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