Easiest Vegan French Toast

Nothing says lazy Sunday morning like brunch, especially making French toast for the one you love. (I know it's Tuesday, but this will give you something to look forward to.) With a fairly empty fridge, here was the most no-frills vegan french toast recipe I came come up with:
Easiest Vegan French Toast
Yield: 2 servings

4-6 slices of toast*
3/4C non-dairy milk
1 bananas
1T vanilla protein powder (optional)
1 tsp cinnamon
pinch of salt
1-2T oil (or margarine) for frying

1. Blend all ingredients except toast, and place in deep dish.
2. Dip each slice of toast in the mix until it's well soaked, coat each side.
3. In a medium hot pan, fry each slice with 1t of oil until golden brown on each side.
4. Serve with bananas, berries, maple syrup, and some extra cinnamon! 

*I used thick slices of sourdough so they soaked up more.


  1. I recently subscribed to your blog and am loving your posts!
    Bananas should always be incorporated into french toast, imo. Check out my stuffed french toast recipe on my page: esculentdreams.blogspot.com! You could make it vegan with an egg sub or just more bananas I'm sure ;)


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