Ottawa Eats: Vegan Pizza at Bread and Sons

Once upon a time, there was a modest little bakery at the corner of Bank and Gloucester Street, named Bread and Sons. When they moved into town, the two heroes of our story learned that at 195 Bank Street, they would likely find one of the best vegan pizzas in town.

Now, everyone knows that excellent vegan pizza is a rare thing to behold. Fake cheeses and processed soy meats abound, masking the health and deliciousness of what vegan food can be. Few are the vegan pizzas our heroes have truly considered delicious and consumable. Only once before, at Bread & Brew in Washington DC, had they had vegan pizza worthy of raising their four united thumbs to. The quest for a better vegan pizza was theirs to make. 

However, life's trials and tribulations kept them from the little Ottawan bakery, and it quickly faded from their memory. Many moons passed... Papers were written, tears were shed, laughter rang within the halls of their home, walks were taken, meals were eaten, but life's mysterious ways brought two awesome friends to our heroes, who once again whispered the name of the infamous bakery: Bread and Sons. It was time.

Now, Bread and Sons is no ordinary bakery. All their breads are made daily with 100% organic ingredients. They are familiar with the ancient mysteries of the kamut, rye, and spelt grains and use them alongside the deliciousness of whole wheat. They appeal to everyone in the land: vegans, omnivores, vegetarians... Call in advance and you can get a pizza on a spelt crust, for those with gluten sensitivities. Their ingredients are local, hailing from nearby lands to minimize environmental damage.
(a map of their local ingredients)
Everyone knows that the greatest difficulty in selecting the right pizza is the topping choice. Like the riddle of the sphinx, it's a matter of life or death, but Bread and Sons, oh wise ones that they are, takes the dilemma away from you as their vegan pizza pretty much has every healthy topping under the sun, except cheese. Now imagine, dear readers, the pizza, large, and light and crisp of crust, topped with a rainbow of local vegetables, kale, sweet potatoes, mushroom, peppers, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, olives, oh my... Sated and satisfied, our heroes, full of pizza, raised their thumbs, to the newly crowned kings of vegan pizza!
Thank you, Bread and Sons, for the best and healthiest vegan pizza option ever!

I recognize that this post could have been seven words long: "We had pizza for dinner last night." But who wants to do that, when they can write epic poetry... This is what happens when I write posts late on Sunday nights (or maybe I'm in fairytale mode because I'm stupid excited to be going to Disney World in two days for my sister-and-sister HALF MARATHON!!!)... 

Have a great week! 

(because of my sub-par iPhone camera, all images except the one of our pizza was pulled from their Facebook page)


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