Back home safe!

What more can one ask for on the first day of the New Year than to have no problems when taking 9 hours worth of bus trips and making it home on time to a cat now snuggled in my lap, and everything already unpacked and put away? Last night was nice mellow fun, headed out to the Gulu Gulu for the Masquerade I mentioned (picture of me included!). Because Salem is a small town, the party ended up pretty much being a local get-together of what looked to be the entire alt-indie crowd of the town. The live band playing ended with a really sweet rendition of the Zelda theme (which I thought was awesome because I'm a dork that way)... now that's a way to transition into the new year, all that including romantic use of our b&b hot tub and fireplace ensued post-toll of the New Year bell.

Today was a little erratic in terms of schedule so I have little to share with you in terms of food and picture goodness. Started off the day with more melon, more fruit throughout the day (we shared an apple, a banana, a kiwi, and an orange), more raw snacks (including the super cookie from Grezzo which might as well have been a fudge orgasm), and ran to the Whole Foods in New York for a much needed giant salad of mixed greens, sprouts, tomatoes, summer squash, nuts, and everything else we could find that was raw at the salad bar as well as a wheat grass shot from the Jamba juice.

However, I did promise some resolutions. Writing these is obviously more of a personal exercise than because you really have any interest in them though I hope you do. I also believe that writing this down gives my intentions a sort of 'setting them in stone' quality only achieved by making goals public or writing them down to be able to look at objectively every once in a while. I think doing this gives resolutions a greater power to manifest themselves into reality:

1. Dance more and record my journey (formal ballet classes begin next week, and I'll continue my tribal bd on my own)
2. Bring more spirituality into our home from both our traditions (I've been feeling a serious lack of this in the last little while despite growing efforts)
3. Continue in my raw food and optimal health journey, fully loving and accepting myself included
4. Love more, do more good things no matter how small, be more open to opportunities, people, and the universe in general
5. Fully live in the increasing abundance that is my life in the present moment

Obviously all those contain much more complex sub-sections but that is the general guidelines I hope to live by for the coming year and really for the long term. Love to you all and good luck with the plans and goals you have set today for the months ahead!


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