We never change

So after a day of classes, I got caught up having a wonderful dinner out with my family at a vegan Chinese Restaurant, Yuan Fu, that has officially made my family's roster of 'restaurants we go out to on a regular basis'... love the healthy food changes happening within the household. We then proceeded to back to my parents' place to watch old home videos, and that proved to be much more entertaining than I thought it would already be.

It's funny how we all believe that, over the years, we really develop emotionally, physically, and spiritually as people. However, I think that a lot of our mannerisms and core emotional and/or spiritual beliefs actual develop from a very early age, that we keep them for a lifetime, and that we in fact change very little. I burst out laughing when we watched a video back from 1992 (when I was only 4 1/2) when I watched my child-self display behaviour identical to something I was doing just last night. It's also really entertaining to see yourself as a little person, trying to figure out how to interact and react to society around you, while also trying to define yourself as your own person. As kids, we really wear our hearts on our sleeves, so it's funny to get that third person perspective of being able to watch yourself go through some of those processes. You might be very surprised by what you end up seeing! Just through the 1 hour video we watched, here are some of the things that haven't changed for me that I have to come to terms with:

1. I've always kind of been a princess at heart... whether it's getting attention, wearing pretty dresses (or thinking that I am), having to always be putting on a show, or just generally wanting things around me to be beautiful
2. I've always kind of felt uneasy on anything with wheels (bicycles, roller skates/blades, you name it)
3. I've always like to verbalize the random imaginings that come out of my head to anyone who is willing to listen (or even if they aren't)
4. I make the same face when I'm uncomfortable or nervous about a given situation (and I make a lot of the same silly faces too apparently)
5. When I like you, I talk... A LOT.

Do you find you have a lot of those similarities between your childhood self and your current self?

Workout of the Day:
5 minutes cardio warmup on the stairclimber (moderate intensity hills)
3 x 12 of 3 different ab exercises
3 x 12 db chest press
3 x 12 shoulder press
3 x 12 bent-over row
3 x 12 kickbacks
3 x 12 bicep curls
5 minutes of jump rope
1 minute plank
30 seconds x 2 side plank
10 minutes of strecthing

Recipe of the Day: None really :( Remade yesterday's new green juice but with a banana instead of plantain. Also made a chia-chocolate filled tartlet for Andrew with a crust made out of my leftover choco-mint cookie dough used in my recent ice cream concoction.


  1. Cute picture! Everything you said is so true-- most of who we are going to become is already there by the time we're two. It's amazing, really. Great post.

    Sweetfern Handmade


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