My Fruitcake Excuse

We spent all day at my parents' place today so I'm a little behind in my interesting blogging ideas. On the way there, we did get to head out for more yummy grocery goodness from MOM's, still the best grocery store in the world. Speaking of moms, mine makes the most amazing veggie stew (just veggies and water in a dutch oven) which we had for dinner alongside a wonderfully huge salad. Because I always weekly bake for my dad, who now only eats my vegan baked goods due to health reasons, I also had the chance to whip up a new marbled brownie-blondie cake thing for him which turned out wonderfully (obviously not raw, but man did it look good!).

We also got to watch today's Iron Chef, which featured Cristeta Comeford, the White House Chef, and whose challenge was to feature produce from the Obamas' White House Garden. Though most dishes were way too deep fried and covered in some form or meat and/or lard for my taste, both teams' creativity and end platage was really gorgeous. Though I totally think the Batali-Lagasse team should have won, I don't think the show could have allowed the White House Chef to lose the challenge... what would it say to imply that the White House Chef isn't the Nation's best? A bias episode? maybe, or might just be me...

So it's midnight but I'm standing strong to my resolution that I will blog daily. To cut this post short, all I'll say of some substance today is that I made Heather's Fruit Cake yesterday and let it set until today and it's SO tasty. I highly suggest it (and her blog in general too for that matter)! Here's how mine turned out:



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