Fun food

The great thing about raw and whole foods is that it's really easy to experiment with them when you're feeling creative. The even better thing is that attempts at culinary creativity rarely fail in the raw food world. If something doesn't taste so great, I find it's much easier to tweak back to normalcy than cooked food. After all, if something is burnt, it's burnt. If you over-bake something and it's dry and tasteless, it's pretty hard to save!

Here are a couple really simply examples of fun things I've been doing, when I get the urge to create!

Dessert Sushi
-Wrap your favourite sweets in a dehydrated banana!
-The ones in picture were a combination of strawberries, raw chocolate sauce, hemp seeds, coconut flakes, and raw almond
-Put them together like you would a regular sushi roll, placing all the ingredients at the top of the banana strip and rolling it up. They always turns out great!

Guava Rolls and Banana Stacks
-Cashew cream Rolls (dehydrated guavas from High Vibe, rolled into flutes)
-Banana stacks: I put the ingredients for raw macaroons together (agave, coconut butter, coconut flakes, salt, vanilla extract) and made banana sammies (some topped with choco-chips some not, another option would be to put raw almond butter in them too!)

All in all, keep on experimenting with raw food! The possibilities are endless, and the results nutrient-packed and always delicious!

Workout of the Day:
1.5 hours of Bikram
100 crunches

Recipe of the Day:
I'm trying out Alissa Cohen's Eggplant Parmesan (currently soaking and dehydrating various parts of it)


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