Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

I've only been back in classes for two days now and already I've missed a blog post and feel as though life is spiraling out of control... okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but I'm sleepy, and I guess it's not just school, but that and finishing applications, and planning an upcoming conference, and finding the time to workout and generally have a life!

So in the meantime, and as I usually do, here is a pretty picture of one of my raw tofu pies as food distraction while I pull myself back together:

Since Andrew still eats a very unprocessed version of tofu we get at MOM's (it only has filtered water, organic soybeans, and nigari) for protein, I've been doing lots of strange experiments keeping his tofu recipes as raw as possible... my favourite is a wide variety of my spur-of-the-moment raw tofu pies. But did you know that when you dehydrate tofu, it comes out tasting kind of like cheese curds? (or what a raw vegan remembers cheese curds tasting like anyway...) I recently made him dehydrated bbq tofu burgers that I thought I pulled off pretty well for a first time experiment.

I think that's pretty much it for today, since it's soon time for bed. So here's the usual breakdown to keep myself motivated:

Workout of the Day:
25 minutes of HIIT training on treadmill
120 floor crunches targeting all ab areas
10 minutes of stretching

Recipe of the Day:
It's back to school for me so nothing very exciting today, mostly mono-fruit and veggie eating, and a yummy papaya smoothie with superfood powders to power my day! Oh, I guess I did make a giant batch of Jae's gRAWnola which will be appearing in her awesome upcoming book, Ripe from Around Here, for which I was a lucky recipe tester!


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