Feeding my Monster

The food plan for the next three days is going to be all about Green Smoothies. Why? Because it's hot, because they're cooling, and because I feel like it. Also, every time I eat a vibrantly green smoothie Andrew says it's to help keep me human. If I forget to have a green smoothie... I might turn back into a monster. Shhh, don't tell anybody. (this monster is from here)

I came up with the idea thanks to the Green Smoothie Queen who has a free introductory 3-day course on Green Smoothies. While I know all about how nutritious and yummy they are already, I'm always up for learning and getting new recipes! So I signed up to her intro on Sunday and have been getting snazzy new emails in my inbox every morning with tips, tricks, and recipes. I love it!

I am still taking my tinctures, though I've given up the Rejuve Powder because I don't feel it's been doing anything for me digestion-wise (aside from making me nauseous). I started my day with a green smoothie made up of mango, pineapple, a chunk of ginger, mesquite and maca powder, and a good amount of spinach. It was delicious. Lunch was just a green smoothie of 2 pears, beet greens and lettuces, and 1/2 tablespoon of bee pollen (the one photographed). Andrew thought this one was yucky, but I thought it was fabulous!

Finally, dinner was had a little earlier than usual because we went to the gym later than planned. Because I had an intense Sprint workout planned and because it's so crazy hot out, I had a banana whip with 3 frozen strawberries mixed in.

Just to give you an idea of how hot it is here, I made the EXACT same kale chip recipe as I did last week but with the heat and humidity, they looked very "wilted" compared to last week's (though equally tasty)! Who knew? Problem is, I was proud of how well I did sticking to my green smoothies today, but when we got home from our workout, I looked at my wilted kale chips and couldn't bring myself to bring them to a client tomorrow. They just weren't pretty enough... so, because I'm a perfectionist, I descended into kale chip madness... again. I think it's impossible to make kale chips and not taste them. On top of that, we had the evidence of the ugly batch to get rid of. There are no traces of it left.


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