Breakfast makes all the differences

Again, keep up the entries to my dehydrator giveaway, only 3 more days left (Sunday night at 11:59 all bets are off!)

Everyone has their eating ups and downs, but on a raw diet it seems that most the time the options are up, higher, or highest. Today was our big packing day which included lots of furniture, 53 boxes, and our kitty and plants still in tow... sounds tiring right? Well after the power breakfast we had, I've gotta say I've never felt better!

To prepare for our big day, I listened to an intuition I had yesterday to make something with chia. I always listen to these types of "cravings" because I believe it's often your body telling you that you might be missing a key nutrient found in the food you are craving (obviously this only works on a raw diet, I doubt a craving for Doritos is really anything to get worked up about). So I made Meredith's Blueberry Chia Pudding and added mesquite and maca powder to the mix. I know it seems a simple thing to say but I felt amazing after having this. I guess it was nice to have a change from the usual green or fruit smoothie and granola; I was alert, awake, felt strong and ready to go. I couldn't believe how energized I felt. I wasn't too full, wasn't too hungry, I was absolutely perfect.

While a lot of people (including myself 99% of the time) say that you should start with simple breakfasts like fruit, a smoothie, or something light to get energized for your day, I guess every once in a while and depending on what you're going to do (like some serious packing loading), having a good hearty breakfast might also be the way to go! Again, the lesson learned here is listen to your body, it knows things you only think you understand.


  1. On my honeymoon in Costa Rica, we would often start the day with a very atypical breakfast that was much more hearty than I was used to--beans and rice (gallos pintos), pico de gallo, avocado slices and baked/fried plantains. We would then have a very very active morning with hiking in our various eco-tourist activities. Well, the hearty breakfasts saved the day. I had so much energy. "Lunch" would be a mid day fruit smoothie and then we would have a lite dinner. I have never felt healthier :) (And of course, I felt incredibly happy!). So I agree that sometimes, depending on what the day will bring, a heartier breakfast is key. I hope you had a good day today and that your kitty did not get packed accidently (giggle giggle). andra

  2. mmmm, that all sounds super yummy! Obviously, I know exactly what you mean! hahaha, it would have been so sad to pack the kitty! I can even imagine hearing him meowing for release from inside the box!


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