A Day of Yummies

I've established today that I could never be a raw foodist who mono-diets. By that I mean, I couldn't eat just bananas or just apples or just kale for a whole month, a week, or even for a couple days. I've been making green smoothies for 2/3 of my meals since Monday, and the desire to chew or just to eat something non-green has become somewhat overwhelming. Everything has been absolutely fantastic tasting, but I guess it's still just not cutting it.

I finally food splurged this morning by not putting greens in my breakfast smoothie, and just had a "plain" papaya-frozen pineapple-superfood smoothie instead. It was legendary. Lunch was back to the greens. It was a beautiful 1/2 orange, 1/2 apple, 1 handful of lettuce, 1 big handful of parsley, 3 ice cubes, and one small piece of ginger smoothie. While I thought it would be vile, it was actually really good! I couldn't drink it fast enough (but for digestive reasons, remember to chew your smoothies!) I'm trying to see how many shades of green I can photograph...

My chewing desire became strong enough that I had kale stems with red pepper dip for dinner. Yes, I ate kale stems for dinner. It was actually very exciting. I think stems are often my favourite part of a veggie: kale stems, broccoli stems, cauliflower stems, asparagus stems... I may have been a pig or a goat in another life...

Anyway, instead of taking pictures of veggie parts for you and to celebrate my desire for color and solidity, here are some raw yummies I've been making for Andrew recently:

A peach-banana whip with sliced peaches and superfoods

An Apple Crumble (raw-ified from Averie's blog)

Raw Cranberry Flax Almond Balls (inspired by Averie's Almond Butter Cookies)

Protein Power Squares (inspired by Averie's PB Cookie Dough Balls)


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