The one who gets my diet

Long story short, two things have been keeping me away from blogging and will continue to do for the next two weeks.

1) The last week of insanity before our move:

I'll be dancing around boxes, totes, and stray things until Thursday night!

2) And of course, my quadri-annual (wait... does that mean every 4 years, 4 times a year, or nothing at all?) patriotism embodied by:

Though my World Cup fanatism has died down since France's sweet victory in 1998 when I was 12, I've been taking serious time out of my day to dedicate to recapturing my youth... haha.

Before I get into my brief workout recap, I just have to say that I love that my little two-year-old cousin (my cousin's kid), Eno, is the person who understands Andrew and my dietary choices better than anyone else in my family. Thanks to some seriously awesome parenting from both my cousins, he really understands the concept of eating raw. He'll make sure to know our likes and dislikes before we have dinner, he'll always ask if we want fruit instead of a cooked dessert like everyone else for dessert (he once went to the kitchen to pick me "the ripest mango"... yes, this is a child who knows how to select "the ripest mango"), he'll get really excited to hand us carrots and celery and things when we come to the kitchen... all this intelligence culminated in our visit to see them last Friday.

The scene: Andrew and I playing with Eno on the floor of the family room. I spot a half eaten ginger cookie on the floor, and exclaim "Cookie!" Andrew is about to pick it up and pretend to eat it, but Eno takes it from him and considers for a moment. "Do you want to eat a ginger cookie?" Eno asks, about to hand Andrew the ginger cookie, then pauses. "Do you eat ginger cookies? ... Do you like to eat uncooked ginger cookies?" Come on. He's two. That's admirable. My parents don't even get it that well. I love love love that child.

Not much of a workout recap because I've only been able to do half of Week 3 of Gina's Summer Shape Up though I've pushed double days when I have been to the gym. Hopefully, that won't have to happen this week. Regularity is key! (same goes for my diet since we've been running around... needless to say, I've been stuffing my face with kelp noodles though!!!)

While posting will continue to be very sporadic as our lives are Northward bound, look out for my raw foodie giveaway tomorrow!


  1. I am waiting in anticipation of the giveaway (giggle giggle)! andra


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