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So after a day of more relaxed eating yesterday, green smoothies were back in store for today! Taking just one day off has made me realize how much more alive and amazing I feel the more green smoothies (or plain fruit smoothies) I drink in a day rather than other stuff. I started my day with a mixed berry-beet green smoothie. Lunch and snack made up the bulk of my solid food intake for the day. I created what I believe to be an amazing hemp seed tabbouleh (or tabouli to Americans) recipe.

Tabbouleh has always been one of my favourite dishes, but I've always been pretty staunch about the parsley-mint ratio as well as how lemony it is. Too much lemon can just make it too sour, too much parsley just makes it well... parsley-ish (how does describe the particular flavours of parsley?). However, just the right amount of everything makes for a perfectly refreshing dish for a hot summer day. It's no wonder they eat this in the desert. Since tabbouleh is pretty much raw already, all I did was replaced the soaked (or boiled) bulgur/cracked wheat component with hemp seeds and tweaked my ingredient ratios to perfection.

With defrosted leftover pulp from my chakra feast beet juice, I also whipped up a batch of raw flax wraps last night. Today, they turned into Andrew's lunch when they were paired with my most recent raw hummus experimentation and some sliced veggies.

We also went to Whole Foods and couldn't resist their gorgeous selection of local heirloom tomatoes. We had a special heirloom tomato tasting session when we got home... Every single one had its own flavor, saltiness, sweetness and texture. It was a very enlightening experience, considering most people just think a tomato is a tomato (and probably a hydroponic GMO beefsteak tomato at that). I figured it sure beats a wine tasting, which led me to come up with all sorts of fun raw events we could run!

Dinner was my prettiest shade of green to date: 3 large chunks of frozen pineapple, 1 mango, and lots of spinach topped with my superfood mix. Gorgeous, no?

Oh, and FYI since it's summer and berries are now in season, this word has been floating around blog world... My new favourite word:



  1. That hemp tabbouleh looks so fresh and vibrant, yum! Great idea. :)

  2. Thanks :) It was quite addicting and super simple. Any tabbouleh recipe will do as long as you swap in the hemp seeds!


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