The Gremlins in my Tummy

What a way to start our day! I think I have to amend my statement from yesterday that I could live off of Green Machine Smoothies, I'd like to add 'Dustin's Mimosas' to my list (another one of Meredith's great recipes!)

One of the recipe's ingredients is Kombucha, which I love to get on occasion (the only option I know of are individual 16 oz. containers that are too much for my environmentally obsessive-self, despite them being made of glass)! Kombucha is an amazing drink, and GT's Organic Raw Kombucha has some wonderful options (the Gingerade and Spirulina are my favourite... go figure).

Kombucha is a live culture of healthy microorganisms that benefit your body from the inside out! It's a drink (some people call it a tea) packed with active enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants, and more. Really, it's a cultured and fermented drink that pretty much tastes like fizzy water with a kick. On a raw diet, I probably don't get as many probiotics as I did when I ate yogurt (or soygurt), but kombucha fills that gap.

To explain a little further, we all need healthy probiotics in our tummy. They do lots of work in there, like destroying the preservatives/ antibiotic/ pesticide-residue from our less healthier days, and generally maintain our digestive health and immune systems. Live active enzymes also give your body the boost it needs to refuel with energy and maintain a constant regenerative process, sounds good doesn't it? Kombucha's polyphenols also help fight off stressful free-radicals, so help maintain youth and optimal health. The drink's healthy acids also help promote proper tissue and blood alkalinity, which a raw diet also strongly contributes to.

So drink your kombucha, if not, do make sure do get your probiotics in some form whenever you can. Live organisms in your body can be a good thing, when they're your friends!


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