Sunday Workout Recap

I still think banana whips (frozen bananas that have been blended into ice cream) with spirulina powder is just about the best thing ever... On a totally different note, here is my weekly workout recap! I'm off to the theater for the second time in two days! I love my life...

1.5 Hours of Bikram

5 minute warmup on stairclimber
Ab cycle on floor mat (3x12 of 3 ab exercises)
1 minute plank
3x12 dumbbell chest press
3x12 shoulder press machine
3x12 dumbbell flyes
3x12 dumbbell side raises
3x12 seated tricep pull down machine
10 minute stress

25 minutes HIIT on treadmill
5 minute stretch

10 minute cardio on stairclimber
Stability ball ab cycle (3x12 of 4 different ab exercises)
3x12 lat pulldown
3x12 bicep curl
3x12 bent over row
3x12 hammer curl
7 minute cooldown on bike
10 minute stretch

20 minutes of surprisingly difficult HIIT on elliptical
5 minute cooldown on recline bike
10 minute stretch

Fun outdoor wonderfulness (aka. weeding a garden can actually be very meditative and fun)


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