So much to be happy about!

Though I don't talk about my non-food related life much, I do have to say that I'm super-psyched that I rocked my MA oral exam this morning and got great feedback on my thesis draft. Graduation here I come! Now back to food... and by that I mean my continuous journey through Meredith's new uncookbook.

Yesterday we had a do-it-yourself dinner after I made her red pepper flax crackers (I made some into crackers and some into wraps by dehydrating them for dinner lengths of time) and her hummus recipe, 'the hummus among us' (it might look kinda green because I used a zucchini instead of the other more hummus colored option).

We served them with sliced veggies and leafy greens and made up lots of little sandwiches and wraps that were the perfect dinner after a long sunny spring equinox! I've never tried a recipe book where each recipe is as amazing as the next. I haven't tried a single one yet that I would even just say 'meh' to. That's rare! It also makes me really excited about trying the next recipe, and the one after that!


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