My Apple Pie is Your Apple Pie

After another day of grocery shopping madness out in the 'burbs (who knew it was so difficult to find bulk unsulphured organic apricots!), I went on another mad cooking spree this evening. We had another very successful dinner for which I perfected yet another one of Alissa Cohen's recipes: her Mock Salmon Pate, which was quite a pretty color and was really tasty (I have leftovers which I plan on running a fun test on tomorrow). I served them up with some fresh cut veggies and a brand of local-ish raw chips we found at MOM's today. To make up little lettuce boats/wraps, I also added romaine lettuce leaves and sprouts to the plate post-photography.

As a side note, the chips were divine, they even had the salty baked corn after taste that you get when you eat tortillas chips. They are from Brad's Raw Chips (we picked the red pepper kind), that you can apparently only get a hold of in PA and MD for now.

Prompted by Andrew's "so, what's for desert?" as soon as we'd licked the plate clean, we ran back to the kitchen where he sliced a granny smith apple through the mandolin (be very careful when using mandolins! We've already both managed to slice off a chunk of our thumbs with it!). I then tossed those slices in a couple tablespoons of agave, cinnamon and ginger to come up with our own version of delicious apple treat we had at Grezzo's during our trip in December. The crust was a flattened disc of my usual ground spelt grain, ground cashew, apricot paste, sea salt blend. It too quickly disappeared :) Pretty close resemblance, no?


  1. Mandolins scare me, but the results look like it was worth it.


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