Weekly Workout Recap

But before I get to that, if ever you decide to make the Mock Salmon Pate I made yesterday and have some left-over, put it back in the blender with one tomato and tad bit more salt for a wonderfully creamy pasta sauce. I served it up with spiralized zucchini topped with capers, broccoli florets, chopped cauliflower, diced red pepper, and some sundried tomatoes. It was wonderful!

Also made my favorite kale chips using this recipe that I swear by (minus the garlic). They're in our tummies already! I also experimented with raw peanuts today, and made a semi-successful batch of 'peanut butter surprise cookies' (ground raw peanuts, agave nectar, sea salt, with a piece of chocolate hidden inside). I stuck them in the dehydrator for about 4-6 hours and peanuts end up releasing quite a bit of oil when you dehydrate them! I would probably add some form of oat/spelt flour to soak that up next time.

As promised, here's that I've been doing for my fitness this week:

5 minute warmup on stairclimber
4x12 ab routine
3 circuits of (circuit starts and ends with *):
*12 lying side leg raises
12 lying side inner leg raises
bridge for 30 seconds*
3x12 lateral lunges
3x12 calf raises on step
3x12 torso rotation
1 minute of chair against the wall
5 minutes of cardio on elliptical
5 minute stretch

35 minutes of medium-high intensity cardio treadmill (more for endurance than speed)
10 minute stretch (if you can get some assisted stretches into your workout then are great!)

8 minute warmup on treadmill
4 cycles of my stability ball ab routine (made up of three different exercises)
3x12 lat pulldowns
3x12 dumbbell front raises
3x12 bicep curl
3x12 tricep rope pulldown
3x12 lateral raises
5 minutes of cardio
5 minute stretch

5 minute warmup
3x30 seconds of plank on stability ball (this is fun for your balance!)
3x12 stability ball rollouts
3x12 stability ball crunches
3x30 seconds plank, alternating raising one leg off the floor
3x12 reverse crunch
3x12 back extensions with stability ball

Saturday: Rest

40 minutes of high-intensity cardio on the treadmill (30 minutes of HIIT and 10 minutes of hills)
5 minute cooldown
60 crunches (various)
5 minutes of stretching


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