Still workin' my way through Living on Live Foods

My update for the day is my latest attempt at a couple more recipes from Alissa Cohen's Living On Live Foods. Because I've been craving savory more than sweet recently, I realized that I never actually made any of her desserts yet! That changed today when I tried her Hamentaschen recipe, or as she called them Jewish Pop-Tarts. I also had extra 'Pop-tart crust' leftover so made some with other flavors, including raspberry (just mush them) and some with blueberries and cinnamon. I meant to actually shape them into real Pop-Tart rectangles, but the triangles looked so cute I just made them all that way! These aren't life changing, but they are tasty. They taste very... wholesome? And I like that every once in a while. I also love anything with prunes in it, so that won me over pretty easily!

For dinner, I made her recipe simply called "Alissa's Juice", with the apple (rather than pineapple) option. It was DELICIOUS! I didn't realize how much I love juice. I've finally come to terms with using the juicer instead of the Vitamix. I realize it's not the same thing (both health wise and also in terms of the texture). More to the point though, my old reason for forgoing the juicer, is that I could never justify all that pulp going to waste. We already compost so much, it seemed silly to dump all that perfectly good fiber in there too... Sooo, I took the leftover pulp of my juice, mixed in one tablespoon of raw almond milk and a teaspoon of Braggs, and flattened it out like a cracker in the dehydrator! It ended up having a wonderful consistency that would make a great wrap! See, you learn something every day... Yay, juicing!


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